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Divinity: Original Sin 2

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§ 29 Eyl 2017, 23:35
Sneak 5 lazm meydandakiler için

Tavern'in zemin ve birinci katındakileri soy, bir de undertavern'da bir tane daha var arenanın yanında

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§ 30 Eyl 2017, 09:35
adamı uzağa teleport et ve konuşmaya tut. o sırada çal ne varsa

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§ 30 Eyl 2017, 10:46
Teleport edince herkes dalıyor. Sneak 5 sorunu çözdü.

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§ 05 Eki 2017, 13:42
ne oyundu be...

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§ 05 Eki 2017, 14:23
2. ye dönüyorum ben diğer yancıların hikayelerinide görmek için. red prince, sebille ve undead'inkini öğrendim şimdi lonewolf, cüce ve loshe ile takılıyorum. Birde wits+persuasion ile minimum combat yapayım dedim ama şehirler dışında pek işe yaramadı, gerçi hiç bir check fail olmadı daha. Ama combatlar biraz daha uzun sürmeye başladı.

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§ 05 Eki 2017, 14:29
Daha oyunda olduğum noktada açıklamadılar da divinty 1 den bu yana kim açmış kutuyu gene açıklanıyor değil mi

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§ 05 Eki 2017, 14:30

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§ 05 Eki 2017, 14:31


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§ 05 Eki 2017, 15:52
cloak dagger ve tactical retreat bugu saolsun

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§ 05 Eki 2017, 16:56
oyunu herkes sosyalizmle mi bitirdi?

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§ 05 Eki 2017, 17:24
Bitirmeden save alıp her türlü bitirdik

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§ 06 Eki 2017, 12:57
Patch geldi;

bug fix

Improvements and changes
Improved and added several quest status updates in the Journal
Fixed several quests not closing properly or when expected
Spider legs now correctly prevent player from getting Webbed
Tweaked frequency of certain automated dialogs
Fleeing from combat now pops up the waypoint menu instead of moving you to nearest waypoint
Added several improvements and hints in Arx that tie people together, and that introduce places and characters (e.g. added a thief corpse/ghost in the death-fog storage room)
Save/load screen has been reskinned
Removed camera shake from poison damage over time
Smoke now blocks Attack Of Opportunity
Lowered Persuasion difficulty in Arx
Pressing the right mouse button now stops all characters’ movement chained to the current character
Reskinned lobby and serverlist
Improved Taunting in favour of the Taunter
Optimised performance on certain AI actions
Filter states on inventory are now saved
Made the surfaces created by intersection temporary, but long-lived, instead of infinite (also fixes some surface puzzles)
Reactive Shot now uses equipped weapon stats to calculate damage
Reduced survivability and base damage of Bone Widow
Reduced Chicken form running distance to 6 meters
Small reduction in XP gain in Reaper’s Coast and Council of Seven areas
Fixed melee and rogue archetypes ignoring characters with Stench talent
Fixed Windego’s skills if you meet her in Council of Seven
Made several changes to Captive Deep-dweller in the third round of the Arena in Reaper’s Coast
The puzzle to get to Reimond now has a perception check on the hidden wall, and the wall supports lockpicking
Voidwoken chicken should not be able to absorb source points
Updated stats, skills, loot and archetype of Zaleskar
Lobby browser now shows map names alphabetically
Controller UI shows button hint in dialog windows when you can scroll
Controller type can be auto detected and button hints are shown accordingly
There is now a button to immediately go to the Recipe window (H by default)
In the rune screen, you can now see all runes in all your party members’

Bug Fixes

Fixed crash that could happen when putting parent containers into child containers
Fixed crash when you accept a party invitation from a client that has left the game
Fixed crash when attacking ground with a projectile strike type of skill (via script or modding)
Fixed a crash that could happen when loading game or returning to main menu (destroying AiGrid)
Fixed crash if you choose to sleep again with lizard after you put on all equipment and the thieves were already killed
Fixed a Story Patching issue. This prevented certain previous storyline fixes to not be applied correctly.
Fixed a blocking issue in the Hall of Echoes: not having the cloud appear after completing the third part of the ritual and talking to a God
Fixed a blocking issue with characters playing dead during the Kraken combat
Fixed a blocking issue when selecting the option “pick up” when talking to the Parrotplant in Arx
Fixed a blocking issue when saving during Braccus’ dialogue in the endgame scene
Fixed a blocking issue that could happen in a dialogue with Dallis in the endgame scene
Fixed a blocking issue where characters would still be considered in combat in the endgame scene, and nothing would be clickable
Fixed blocking issues caused by story scripting setting items offstage
Fixed a blocking issue with the Pilgrim Door not opening in Arx
Fixed a blocking issue with the crypt puzzle where blocks would rotate 45 degrees instead of 90 degrees in multiplayer or in savegames
Fixed a blocking issue that could happen when being teleported while in the middle of casting a skill
Fixed issue where Gwydian could end up being non-interactable (kill magisters without triggered Gwydian and voidwoken)
Fixed an issue where some companions would not be recruitable after the attack on the Lady Vengeance
Fixed magic mirror portrait rendering
Fixed magic mirror showing encumbered icon
Fixed scrolls not scaling with primary attribute
Fixed desync when using Enrage which could cause lack of crits
Fixed a bug where instakill surfaces would make it impossible to resurrect a character inside them
Fixed several instances where Reactive Shot would not trigger correctly
Fixed Reactive Shot being triggered by invisible characters
Fixed Dome of Protection ignoring vision blockers
Fixed melee attackers sometimes being able to still attack enemies on a higher ledge
Fixed issues with statuses not being set during dialogues which could cause other issues in turn
Fixed some quest markers not showing up for all party members
Fixed a bug with the cat following the last of the players, not the first one
Fixed an issue with Malady having the wrong alignment
Can no longer unassign all characters from a player
Fixed clicking through NPCs, picking up items (often by accident)
Fixed certain limbs not triggering the correct dialogs in Council of Seven
Fixed jump skill issue that allowed players to end up in unintended locations
Fixed combat turn order being broken after character could no longer get a turn
Fixed Magister Julian sending the player East instead of West
Fixed several minor dialog text issues
Fixed several dialog flag issues
Fixed certain waypoints not being activated correctly
Fixed several issues with nodes in dialogs not playing voice file
Fixed several issues with Lovrik encounter
Fixed issue with spirit vision sometimes not working after save/load
Fixed incorrect gender in certain cutscenes
Fixed being able to teleport into the Magic Mirror room
Fixed bartering screen where “Balance offer” would show incorrect gold amount after something was changed in offer
Controller mode: fixed summons not being able to delay their turn
Fixed not getting up after being knocked down or teleported after using Play Dead skill
Fixed issue where disarming a knocked down character would cause character to stand up straight
Fixed issue where certain origin moments were queued one after the other
Fixed issue with story call ItemTemplateRemoveFrom not searching recursively through all inventories inside of the parent inventory
Fixed wrong vision cones (shift) when player has points in Sneaking ability
Fixed issue with White Magister ship not always moving correctly
Fixed pipe exit to escape Fort Joy being easily destructible
Fixed a repeating issue in Beast’s recruitment dialog
Fixed pathfinding issues on Lady Vengeance
Fixed issue with poison surface not spawning correctly under undead party members
Fixed evidence chest not having a tooltip
Fixed several issues related to stealing
Fixed previews of Attack Of Opportunity not always reflecting execution
Fixed AI endlessly complaining about doors being stuck (they will only nag once, e.g. in Arena’s treasure room)
Fixed issue where character could be stuck in combat mode and could never sheathe their weapon (desync issue)
Fixed queueing actions not always picking up item by default
Fixed an issue with skills disappearing from Skillbars or being un-memorised when dragging them around in the skillbar
Fixed make war issues near Gods in Hall of Echoes
Fixed not having anymore source if you want to bless each God in the Hall of Echoes
Fixed notification being sent about un-memorising skills even if character was not under control of the player
Fixed issue when attacking Gareth as he is carrying Jonathan
Fixed possible endgame combat blocker (combat would not start automatically)
Fixed recipe categories
Fixed dead characters getting stuck in Arx Arena combat due to horror sleep status
Fixed turn order issue in the fight for the Lady Vengeance
Fixed a bug where mask of the shapeshifter could shift you back to original shape
Fixed Dream Undone and All-Father, Life-Shaper achievements triggering incorrectly
Fixed several issues with Lohse’s shapeshifted form
Fixed volatile voidlings having incorrect level in Reaper’s Coast
Fixed Arx Death room having puppets that endlessly spawn and die instantly during combat
In multiplayer, use client language setting for showing origin names
Fixed mirror image of a hero character sometimes being wrong
Disabled trading with Kemm when he arrives at Arhu’s
Fixed being moved to a different region altogether after teleporting into Windego’s cell
Fixed Tarquin not telling you about Godslayer and not showing up at the Graveyard
When Malady mentions Tarquin, now set map marker on Tarquin instead of Graveyard cause Tarquin could be at 3 spots
Fixed bug where clearing a keybinding would not be saved
Fixed “glass weapons” not breaking when using with a skill
Fixed issue with Arx pipes puzzle: blessed blood would not propagate correctly
Fixed resurrecting sometimes not adding you to combat
Fixed not being able to receive skill from an item if you already memorised it but don't meet requirements anymore
Fixed a bug where dismissing henchmen seemed to give them a free talent point after you spent it already
Fixed being able to use projectile strike skills on items or characters that were out of sight range
Fixed characters teleporting automatically
Fixed being able to cast Swap Ground out of sight
Fixed not being able to talk to Gwydian Rince under certain conditions
Fixed being able to use fast targeting to find invisible characters
Fixed leaking PPGammaCorrection shader
Prevented party management tutorials from playing inside split screen character creation
Prevent flee tutorial if no waypoints available
Fixed creating water on top of electrified cursed blood: now leaves electrified water
In controller mode, fixed talking to ghost when ghost was on top of his corpse
Fixed visual effects (e.g. camera shake) playing eternally for second player if he joins game in the middle of the effect
Fixed issue with the camera not going correctly to the origin presentation camera in controller mode
Fixed AI still using taunt when near death or when no allies left
Smoke cloud after using laser ray is now blocking vision
Fixed source lich alignment issues and repeating dialogs
Made Siwan bleed because dialog says Siwan is bleeding
Fixed Almira trade table sometimes generating items of wrong quality
Fixed a bug where Illusionist dungeon objects could become invisible after save-load
Fixed Qanna fighting and talking while petrified
When memorial dig sites are unlocked on map, difficulty check now turns to trivial so you can find them

UI Fixes

Fixed journal map camera clamping
Fixed controller journal marking read quests as new when changing tabs
Fix Take All button sometimes missing on containers
Fix context menu displacement in splitscreen controller UI when opening inventory
Fixed text cutoff issues in some UIs
Fixed AP bar sometimes disappearing in controller mode when switching characters
Controller mode: now show HP bars of characters while it’s not your turn
Controller mode: “invite to party” no longer bypasses the diplomacy manager
Fixed bug where icon of dismissed character would still be shown in party manager
Scrolling through more than four characters in the character-sheet UI now looks good and understandable
Selecting a stack in the crafting UI now shows item splitter
In controller mode, the Skillbar can now be used in combat when it’s not your turn (for browsing, previewing)
Fixed issue when in controller mode player would teleport character or use waypoint while in selector mode, camera would not follow character but would still be locked on selector
Fixed item tooltip still showing after opening a book, blocking the view of the book
Overhead damage numbers displays are now offset, reducing overlap
Fixed missing strings for loca in Roll UI
Fixed text cut offs and button positioning in Inventory and Character Sheet
Fixed scrollbar in inventory sometimes not showing
Fixed message boxes with really long text
Fixed adding to wares sometimes moving wrong item when shift clicking item in inventory
Fixed up/down key assignment confusion on keyboard hotbar UI
Fixed close buttons in controls options not showing warning if there are unsaved changes
Fixed width of statuses in examine UI
Made longer enemy names fit enemy health bars
Fixed max gold amount not fitting in icon slot
Fixed some cooldowns in skillbar showing zero when it should be one
Fixed how main menu and some UIs in GM would handle the Escape button
Fixed dialog cutoffs in split screen when players are in different dialogs
Can now copy paste in direct connect message box
Fixed magic mirror throwing an invalid error message about tags
Fixed “mute sound” option in controller mode menu
Voice label in character creation was sometimes showing wrong name when choosing origin character
Updated backgrounds in the credits screen

GM Mode

Fixed issue that dragging items to inventory went directly into equipment slot
Fixed issue with loading a savegame while having new active mods
Fixed a crash related to equipment
Fixed broken stats for spawned equipment
Fixed names and labels of several building blocks
Fixed crafting being interrupted by global pause
Fixed Music Assets in mood panel
Fixed several issues on level binding screen
Removed some items from GM menus that shouldn’t have been available
Fixed an issue that could happen where a GM couldn’t seem to place an item or character in a certain spot when not using drag and drop
Fixed issue with adding physical and magical armour to characters
Fixed roll dice UI not showing up on top of some other windows
Fixed copied GM Campaign not showing in the list of My Campaigns until player launches GM Campaign Manager screen
When GM possesses creature, fixed UI showing tags instead of custom stats
Fixed duplication and saving of a shapeshifted character
Fixed issue when GM possessed a creature and could use the party management screen (invite/make war)
Character sheet in GM now uses shortest possible names for stats
Fixed Vignette half showing after spamming show/hide
Fixed being unable to make choice on vignette screen if skill bar is active in controller mode
Fixed player slots drawn outside of the border in the connectivity UI
Fixed ambiance not being saved in GM level
“New vignette” string can now be localised
Fixed "delete" button of exported monsters and items
Fixed groups update after exporting any monster or item
Fixed dragging newly created monsters to encounter pane
Fixed magnifying glass not opening sticky UI when expected
Fixed MoodPanel sometimes breaking after loading


Closing inventory / stats now makes sound
Fixed some drop item sounds
Fixed drop sound when splitting items
Trying to equip item without meeting the requirements makes sound now
Fixed music changing to wrong state when switching party members
Fixed voice of black ring reaver ghost in RC


Fixed: not being able to publish campaign after user sets dependency add-on for GM
Added extra osiris call CharacterResurrectAndResetXPReward() which resets the resurrected flag of the resurrected character.
Fixed having to create stats twice before it would be committed
Notify user of mods without valid story

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§ 06 Eki 2017, 13:03
4,3gb ne anasınınnınının.

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§ 06 Eki 2017, 17:38
iste boyle boyle early access'ten cikacak.

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§ 06 Eki 2017, 17:51
Can no longer unassign all characters from a player

bu çok anlamsız olmuş

Fixed issue with poison surface not spawning correctly under undead party members

Bu baya bayıktı, wand'la yere sıktığında altında poison çıkmıyordu falan

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§ 08 Eki 2017, 20:40
ikinci tura dönüyorum. ilkinde 4'lü parti şeklinde lohse ile bitirmiştim.

şimdi ise ifan'ı aldım lone wolf. scoundrel ve warfare. standart dual wield. main attributeler finess ve wits. combat ability war +5, gerisi max scoundrel. civil att. kaçınılmaz olarak sneaking ve thievery. akıyor gidiyor. bir tek talentlerde the pawn ve executioner arasında kaldım ama sanırım the pawn çok daha işe yarıyor.

yanına da beast'i aldım (lone wolf). warfare+hydro+aero şeklinde. sword and shield takılıyor.

2 kişilik lone wolf 4'lü partiden çok daha iyi gidiyor. ikinci act'in ortalarındayım ileride ne olur bilemem ama çok rahat şu an.

bu da bitince tactician denicem bakalım. gene 2 kişi lone wolf gider gibi.

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§ 08 Eki 2017, 21:07
reapers coast sıkıntılı ya. gerisi gidiyor bir şekilde. birde arx da mutlaka wits + persuasion istiyor.

lonewolf oynarken nasıl xp değeri aynı ise level daha yüksek olmalı.

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§ 09 Eki 2017, 16:15

oyuna laf ettim başta ama baya güzelleşti sonra hikayesi sardı.

Şuna denk geldim çok guldum açısı falan muhteşem sdfs.

son fight

Sesler echo şeklinde gelmeye basliyor. Arkada main theme caliyor. Efsane bir atmosferi vardı.

Arx da toyseller in evinde çalan şu müzigin hızlı hali direk monkey island daki şarkı degil mi ya

Direk oyun içinde çalanı bulamadım.

[video]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZGluecJVFI?feature=oembed" width="459">

[video]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SFZI5dgmAI?feature=oembed" width="459">

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§ 11 Eki 2017, 10:30
müziğini övmüş müydük ya?


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§ 11 Eki 2017, 10:33
hababam sinifi gibi abi muzik bi yavas caliyolar bi elektroyla bi tambura bi fulut.

her tonda farkli bi heyecan veriyo.

intro muzigi en iyi ama

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§ 11 Eki 2017, 10:40
o aynısının flütlüsü olayını kim icat ettiyse +rep zaten. hani çok gerekli değil, tam because why not hareketi ama çok güzel.

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§ 11 Eki 2017, 11:01
muzigin yarisini epey begendim, yarisini kapatip mp3 koyasim geliyor.

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§ 16 Eki 2017, 07:53
Oyunu bitirdim bir yorum yazıyım, öncelikle karşılaştırdığım oyun ilk oyun olacak bir sürü kötü şey derken ilk oyunla karşılaştırıcam... Son zamanlarda paradox'un çıkardığı RPG'lerden çok önde oyun parasının hakkını veriyor. Birde tabi ilk oyunu 50 kere update ettiler hemde kendisi zaten remastered...

Oyunun iyi yanları
- Müzikler
- Hikaye özellikle origin olayı güzel olmuş fakat sonlara doğru hikaye şaçma sapan bir hal alıyor yine de iyi.
- Oyunda ki çeşitlilik yine çok iyi özellikle telekinesis build çok zevli olmuş :)
- Mobility olayı güzel olmuş
- AI gelişmiş baya ama yeterli değil...

Kötü yanları
- Puzzlelar inanılmaz yetersiz, ilk oyunda randomized puzzeleların devamını beklerdim.
- Companion questlerinin bazıları çok kötü örnek Fane...
- Çevre şartlarını kullanım magic armor yüzünden hiç bir işe yaramaz hal almış... yeri yakıyım adam surfaceden kaçsın, donduruyum haraket edemesin felan yalan olmuş...
- CC olayını kaldırmışlar. Olay bam güm dalmaca olmuş... Adamın HP 4K magic armor 3K olunca yarılamışken kesiyim diyorsun.
- Source büyüleri hayal kırıklığı resmen çoğu normal skillerden çok farklı vurmuyor...
- 50 bin tane skill var ama çoğunu 1 kere anca kullanıyorsun.
- Questler ilk oyuna göre inanılmaz bayık, crafting olayını daha çok kullanmayı beklerdim.
- Oyunda crafting var ama range dışında kullanmaya gerek kalmıyor. Ranger/hunter tipi karakterim olmadığından 10 item yapmışımdır max.
- Oyun basit olmuş baya... Nasıl keseceğini bilirsen hızlıca ilerliyorsun.
- Son fight hiç olmamış, hatta oyunun sonu hiç olmamış... Spoiler vermemek için ayrıntı vermiyim.
- Oyunun benim adıma companion 1. ACT sonrasında şeçmesine fitil oldum.
- Trapler hayal kırıklığı olmuş, hepsinin üzerinden yürüyerek geçtim 1 tane disarm ettiğim olmadı. 1. Oyunda kutu taşıyordum yanımda sırf trap disarm için....
- Oyun içi fraksyonlar ama hiç birine doğrudan dahil olamıyorsun, bunun yanında kendine fraksyon kurma olayını beklerdim. Oyun içi siyaset olmamış.

Oyun kendi içinde güzel ama ilk oyuna göre hayal kırıklığı.

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§ 26 Eki 2017, 19:24
peç gelmiş 1gb'lık, baya fix ve değişiklik var


Improvements and changes
Improved several journal entries to be clearer to the player if quests get closed automatically
Added several items and related journal updates to improve links between certain NPCs and story lines
Journal update XP gains are now shown alongside the corresponding update
Improved performance in very specific locations, related to items being equipped by players or NPCs
Added “Pick up and send to wares” and “Steal and add to wares” in context menu of world items
Increased prices of unique weapons sold in Arx
Added missing weapon skills to unique two-handed weapons
Flaming Crescendo should now correctly receive bonus damage from Intelligence
Using the Equalise skill is now a hostile action
Skills from items now correctly respect weapon requirements
Reactive shot no longer deals damage on casting
You can now enter Sneak mode after activating the Play Dead skill
Added several new effects to make important dialog moments stand out more
Adjusted Meistr’s Vault so that it gives a ritual dagger and ritual bowl each time the player opens it, if the player does not have it in his inventory
Improved detection for being able to flee from combat
Skill preview trajectory should now be more accurate when fighting certain enemies
Improved landing position of Backlash skill
Blessing an electrified steam cloud now results in a blessed steam cloud
Blood Totem is now immune to Decaying status
Improved AI behavior that was leading to skipped turns incorrectly
Partial Action Points, after moving a small amount, are now saved correctly
Added several new icons
Framed Frost runes and Framed Thunder runes now have the correct bonuses
Fixed several crafting recipes that incorrectly required very specific items or gave incorrect results
Items dragged from equipment slot to inventory are now placed in the correct slot
You can now examine an enemy, even when it is not your turn
Roses increase Wits when consumed
When stealing a container, cost of its contents should be added to the cost of the container
Demonic Tutelage and Flaming Tongues now attack enemies until their duration runs out instead of only attacking first three enemies
Charm is now cleared when the charmer dies
Charm is now cleared from summons when the owner is uncharmed
Updated several skill tooltips to take into account extra modifiers
Updated several audio effects
Temporarily allied NPCs no longer have crime investigation behaviors about the crimes they helped commit
Henchmen now correctly have Source skills depending on where the player is in the storyline
Gratiana now sells back Soul Jars from other NPCs if the player gave them to her
End game Arena combat was made clearer to the player. Arena combatants are now clearly marked and they will target each other first
Updated Empyreo the Stalwart’s stats and abilities
Outlines now include corpses
Added player feedback when being Enwebbed, Crippled, Entangled or Encumbered
Improved Inner Demon, Demonic Tutelage and Terrify visual effects

Bug Fixes
Fixed Tarquin’s location and dialog after finishing his quest line
Fixed sorting by last picked up
Fixed ghosts spawning in incorrect locations
Fixed auras not correctly reapplying under certain conditions
Fixed forced group formation initializing when using certain spells to initiate combat
Fixed a problem with characters not following the party correctly anymore
Fixed Party Follower NPCs possibly getting stuck in dialog when talking to the wrong Player Character
Fixed triggering the unconsciousness of Dallis or Lucian only once if they are lying on a damaging surface
Fixed rested status blocking dialog with Malady at the end of the game
Fixed Kniles not participating in combat if he's teleported into a closed cage
Disabled trading with companions before recruiting them
Fixed Dallis’ moving closet on the Lady Vengeance
Fixed characters not being reassigned to the correct player after loading a co-op game from main menu
Fixed a dialog issue between Fane and Lohse after visiting the Hall of Echoes with Fane. The correct god is now mentioned in the dialog
Fixed several dialog issues related to gender
Fixed several dialog issues that would result in dialog loops or incorrect flags being set
Fixed several XP reward issues related to quests and certain enemies
Fixed the Red Prince being invisible during the wagon scene with the Red Princess
Fixed flaming pig not being blessed or cursed when talking to a shrine for the first time
Fixed a visual issue with electrified surfaces re-appearing after it wears off
Fixed an audio issue during the Council of Seven Arena, when talking to the embodiments of the gods
Fixed the sewer pipe exit to Fort Joy swamps. It can no longer be destroyed
Fixed the Scroll of Atonement disappearing from inventory
Fixed the Cathedral door being blocked in Arx
Fixed characters becoming stuck after summoning a totem in combat and then running out of combat
Fixed being able to save right before entering the magic mirror
Fixed being able to use the magic mirror with party followers by using context menu
Fixed an issue wherein a player joins the host for the first time and is being assigned the main character when host is controlling a companion
Fixed a crash related to dialog flags not being removed properly
Fixed Higba incorrectly being a party member later in the game due to Charmed status
Fixed a crash related to summoning totems near certain objects
Fixed a crash when transitioning to certain regions or instantly reloading the last savegame twice (runtime error)
Fixed wrong spirit appearing after killing Jonathan
Fixed dialog getting stuck when a charmed character enters the dialog
Fixed dialog history not showing up when a client player joins a dialog
Fixed a blocking issue during the Kraken fight when instantly killing Braccus during the first turn
Fixed turn order issue when characters transform (for example: The Doctor)
Fixed several journal updates triggering incorrectly under certain conditions
Fixed a crash when trying to teleport an item that has been picked up by someone else
Fixed several audio issues with the Kraken combat
Fixed several issues related to multiple tutorial messages popping up
Fixed Malady thinking Gareth is missing when he has left the area correctly
Fixed not being able to re-recruit party members on the Lady Vengeance due to a message saying the party is full
Fixed several issues with end game combat when the main character dies, but the player still defeats Braccus
Fixed Magister Borris not dropping Ifan’s contract
Fixed Ifan having Pet Pal talent regardless of which class you want him to be when recruiting him
Fixed Malady’s attitude dropping lower than intended
Fixed Jahan becoming hostile on the Lady Vengeance if the player frees the demons
Fixed tooltip for Evidence Chest
Fixed not being able to deal any damage to a number of specific NPCs
Fixed bears attacking when player uses Source Skills near them
Fixed not being able to get Infiltration achievement for lockpicking as an undead
Fixed Gareth’s dialog on the Lady Vengeance if he followed the path of light in Reaper’s Coast and spared Alexandar
Fixed several automated dialogs repeating at incorrect times or too frequently
Fixed being able to craft scrolls with important letters, destroying them in the process
Fixed Sallow Man dialog. In certain cases, he would not give out the Capacitor
Fixed Fane incorrectly being placed into a crime dialog after being dismissed
Fixed the Doctor having incorrect stats after transforming
Fixed being able to log in with more than 2 profiles when using controllers
Fixed being able to flee from certain situations when the player is not supposed to
Fixed being able to target corpses correctly when using a controller
Fixed dialog not scrolling anymore after loading while in a dialog
Fixed Avatar character not being assigned to player anymore after specific party death scenario
Fixed alignment issue causing player characters to be neutral after being resurrected
Fixed losing Black Rose status effect during certain story events
Fixed dialog issue with trespassing in Fort Joy near certain Magisters
Fixed Shackles of Pain effect after loading
Fixed Throw Explosive Trap skill in Arena Mode
Fixed barter trader exploit when using a controller
Fixed not being able to disable certain add-ons after campaign creation
Fixed various minor animation issues
Fixed a dialog issue in when fleeing from the fight with Saheila
Fixed Tarquin Skill Book selling issue
Fixed several issues related to destroying Soul Jars
Fixed target picking issues when near Noxious Voidwoken bodies
Fixed an issue with Elemental Affinity not updating the Skillbar correctly in certain cases
Fixed some cases when Blitz Attack and Backlash would ignore Ruptured Tendons
Fixed several map markers
Fixed being able to break the Kraken’s skill “Fate of the Sworn” by spamming ESC as he is casting it
Fixed having a summon time out in the Hall of Echoes resulting in the camera going to an incorrect location
Fixed empty catacombs pipe puzzle in Arx

UI Fixes
Improved tooltips for runes
Minimap now shows the direction of pings from other players when they are out of range
Fixed tooltips for surfaces not being displayed when using a controller
Added extra feedback for controller mode when not being able to pick something up due to not having enough strength
Fixed refresh issue of tooltips when players send items to each other
Character Creation: players can now edit their name while navigating any tab
Assigning points in Constitution in controller mode character screen should not increase Vitality until the point distribution is confirmed by exiting character screen
Fixed Direct Connect option in controller mode
Fixed being able to see target health bars when it is not your turn in controller mode
Updated the Options menu
Added UI fallback font for Chinese characters
Added turn timer in Arena Mode when using a controller
Fixed action bar getting stuck when skill bar is hidden by other interfaces
Incompatible saves now have a version indicator on the load screen
Fixed an issue in Arena Mode where one player would be unable to select heroes
Fixed a blocking issue at the end of the game when you deny Ifan having his revenge

GM Mode
Updated music tab. Added new music and fixed several playback issues
Added support for multi-region levels in GM mode
You can now drag items with or without snapping to terrain (by pressing the Caps Lock button)
Fixed inconsistency when spawning and dragging an existing item
Fix for characters sometimes not being assigned to anyone when a player disconnects from a GM session
Fixed error 300 and error 302 issues and related crash when trying to load zones that had a global entity removed
Fixed not being able to see custom stats tab when playing with controller
Fixed a crash related to NPCs joining dialog
Fixed a crash related to duplicate characters not being cleared correctly
Fixed a crash when dragging certain items to inventory
Fixed AI type panel and Alignment context menu not closing when GM changes character
Fixed an issue causing the encounter panel to display characters in the wrong order if there is a global character
GMs are now able to change the layout of add-ons for savegames (active sessions), as well as add new add-ons for already ongoing sessions
Fixed player character being teleported incorrectly when GM takes item that player was sitting or lying on
Users no longer lose Action Points when the GM manages their items during combat
Fixed exported characters not having the correct skills memorized
Fixed item use state being broken after GM has moved it to his inventory and back into the world
Fixed peace mode after saving and loading
Fixed cancel button in Level Templates search field
Fixed swapping around items not being synced correctly to clients
Fixed being able to load a pin with a deleted scene
Fixed Character Sheet background after managing a Character
Fixed incorrect tier of items being generated for creatures
Fixed GM not being able to do a GM roll during combat when possessing a character
Players can now load add-ons when loading a savegame

Fixed an issue with downloading add-ons from the host when entering a multiplayer game
Fixed a possible global entity duplication issue when downloading an add-on into an existing campaign
New items in mods now get added to an existing savegame if the savegame already contained the mod and the mod is of a newer version than the version in the savegame
Mods now get loaded after the lobby screen in order to avoid players having to download mods just to enter the lobby (for Campaign and Game Master)

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§ 26 Eki 2017, 19:52
Remus bazı dediklerine katıldım da bazıları çok yanlış.

Source spelleri, özellikle elemental source spelleri oyunda en çok vuranlar. Apoestosis açıp 2-3 turn source spell'i spamladığında canlı kimse kalmıyor ortalıkta.

CC'lerde azalma falan da yok sadece elemental school CC'lerini yapmak daha zor. Shock ve Freeze için iki spell gerekmesi ve magic armor tarafından durdurulması sıkıntı yaratabiliyor ama alternatif yok değil.
Ör: Vacuum Aura(AoE Silence), Teleportation, Nether Swap, Blinding Radiance, Superconductor oldukça iyi + Aero'da Uncanny Evasion gibi kral defansif spell de var. Aero harici Hydro ve Fire CC açısından baya vasat ama Geo'dan Throw Dust oldukça geçerli. Bunlar harici Worm Tremor, Earthquake, Impalement, Fossil Strike gene situational olarak iş yapacaktır.

Hydro ve Fire'daki CC eksiği DPS ve healla kapatılıyor. Hydro spellerin undead'lere karşı DPS'e dönüşmesi bütün dengeleri değiştirebiliyor. 2 Hydro karakterle karşıda undead dayanmıyor mesela First Aid, Cleanse/Mass Cleanse Wounds, Healing Ritual ve Restoration DPS spellerine dönüştüğünde.

Physical schoollardaysa her türlü CC mevcut: Tentacle Lash(hem CC hem physical hem uzaktan vuruluyor hem de oyundaki en çok vuran spellerden biri), Chicken Claw(oyundaki en iyi single target CC çünkü kimsenin immunitysi yok ve 2 turn sürüyor), Medusa Head(oyundaki en iyi AoE CC), Spider Legs(armor dinlemeyen AoE root), Battering Ram, Battle Stomp, Chloroform(1 AP'ye CC), Rupture Tendons, Sleeping Arms(2 AP'ye hem dmg hem disarm), Terrifying Cruelty her türlü ihtiyacı karşılayacaktır.

İlk oyundaki rain atıp lightning vurup herkesi stunlıyım saçmalığının olmaması çok daha iyi, özellikle oyunun multiclass sistemi şaheser açıkçası.

Oyunun senin için companion seçmesi diye birşey yok. Act1 sonrası gemide seninle diyaloğa girmeyen companion olursa Fane'in maskesini kullanaraktan Racial sempati yoluyla gene onları party'e katabiliyorsun. Maske bissürü başka yerde de normalde açık olmayan diyalog opsiyonlarını açabiliyor.

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