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Hellgate London f2p oluyor


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aha buldum. buydu işte:


Flagship has finally announced what Hellgate: London subscribers will get for their $9.95 monthly subscription fee:
Elite Mode - Tougher mobs, tougher all round
Hardcore Mode - Perma-death mode for your character
Themed events and items - First begins on day of release, Halloween
Guild Creation - What it says on the tin!
Achievements - Slay 6,000 zombies, get a pat on the back, and maybe a bonus item too
Extra Character Slots - 24 for you, 3 for non-subscribers
Larger Stash - Twice the space as non-subscribers
Name Color - Get a coloured name, wooo!
Forum Icon - Makes you stand out on the official forums when bitching about the in-game ads
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