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süpermiş. off of

-what are the principles of a jedi knight?
-to always defend truth and justice thruout the galaxy
-and to eat a lot of peanut everyday

-this game is normally played indoors, by 12 year olds

-unbeliavable look among the nerds i found an actual girl here
... you can choose from guys who have no idea how to please you

-...how do you explain this to your imaginary girlfriend?

-look at this one, omg you are looking like some kind of super nerd... looks like you were build in a labratory out of parts of the lesser nerds.. bionic nerd

-look at you.. how are you cuty.. what parents forced you to do this??

-you got a little future nerd in here?
-june 27, 6 weeks
-wow, thats the last time he will ever see a female genitelia

-look at this, its a gift from another dimension
-i'm am the blackwolf the dragon master.. dont you forget this
-allright, and dont you forget to finish your fillet fish

-one who wins is the uber dork

-i've got some spoilers: you will die alone!

-darth vader himself is here, all the other nerds tremble in his presence
-and which of these buttons calls your parents to pick you up

-i am a stormtrooper
-you are a huge nerd (puahauha)
-strom troopers talk like sixties robots??
...reveal yourself
...aaah it was a close one

-tho broom has kissed the bride, after years of practising on his sister
..-now the nerds are congrageting for the ceremonial of the banging of the plastic toys

-... no im sorry, the correct answer is: who gives a shit

-.. the forces of reality, and demands of a normal sex life..
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Haharg! Vadera yaklaşıp i am your father demesi akla zarar yaw :D. Törenden sonraki evet şimdide geleneksel plastik çubukları bir birine çarptırma seramonisi gerçekleşiyor demesi çok hoş.
Sonuda daha bi akla zarar zaten:D[signature][hline]Cem_Jedi, 18 Aralık 2004 21:35 tarihinde demiş ki:
o jedi account'u alıcam hiç bişey ya da hiçkimse buna engel olamaz !!! ANLAŞILDIMI ayrıca FrF guildinden atamazsın beni !!!!!!!
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