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Druid Epic Quest Walkthrough


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Druid Epic Quest Walkthrough

Original Version Written by Aline Griffonfeather of Povar

Updated Version Written by Galiana Elessedil of Quellious

The Start

First off, know this: if you took part in any raids on the Plane of Growth, kiss the epic goodbye. Your faction will be toast to everyone who should be your allies. You can walk through PoG totally unmolested and even get a quest for a great pair of gloves, but never, EVER, kill anything up there or be a part of a group that does. Don't heal anyone, don't SoW them. On person reported going from ally to indifferent with Tunare for SoWing someone who was part of a raid.

Also, even though it's tempting, didn't kill the Millers in Qeynos Hills like so many have done, and don't kill Holly Windstalker, no matter how annoying that bitch is. Both are on the Ranger faction table and there's no repairing that faction.

It starts with Telin Darkforest

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(Level 55) in Burning Woods. He's hidden in a grove of thick trees near to the Skyfire zone and has been spotted at 3234, 2871. Use tracking to find him, and invis to get through the zone unmolested. Ask him "what action" and he will give you a worn note. If he doesn't, then your faction is too low. Faction can be built up fast by doing the muffin quest in Freeport.

Next, find Faelin Bloodbriar in Greater Faydark. She spawns around 1500,500, or south-west of the Crushbone entrance. She has orc pawn placeholders, so kill every pawn you see to make her spawn. Once she spawns, you better be SoWed, because she runs constantly and won't stop when you hail her. Give her the note (and keep running after her) and you'll receive a ring. After giving her the note she depops.

Go to Kithicor Forrest and track Giz X'Tin, a dark elf who will not attack you. He can be found on the path to Highpass Hold, but is usually closer to the WC zone than HPH. Be very careful of the other dark elves in this zone. Give him the ring and he gives you a dark metal coin. After you hand him the ring a level 50 Darkelf Reaver spawns and attacks you. Have SoW on you so that you can run away.

Go back to Telin Darkforest and give him the Coin. He will give it back to you as worn metal coin and tells you to find Athele. She is in the East Karanas , just north of the barbarian fishing village. Once you start this section, you begin a chain of events, so don't do it until you are ready to finish the job.

Give her the worn metal coin and receive a worn amulet. Give this amulet to Sionae (-2300, -930), then to Nuien (-3650, -300) and finally to Teloa (-3800, -2860). Teola will say to follow her, but don't. A Dark Elf Corruptor and two Darkelf Reavers (all around level 50) will spawn around -1500, -1000. The Corrupter will depop after 10 seconds if not attacked and the Reavers will attack and kill all of the druids you just dealt with, so have a small army ready. You must take out the Corrupter. Loot immediately to get his tome. His buddies will attack the druids down by the shore if you don't stop them. If you don't kill him in time, or don't loot in time, and his buddies kill the druids and despawn, you won't get the book and will have to start over from the beginning. Also keep in mind these inkies are Shadow Knights, so don't be too close to their spawn point or you will be harm touched.

If the Reavers kill the druids, just wait one hour of real time (not EQ time) and Athele will spawn again. Give her the tome and she gives you an Earthstained Note. Bring this to Ella Foodcrafter, a Halfling running around in Misty Thicket. Like Faelin, she constantly runs, so you have to chase her. Give her the Earthstained Note and she will tell you that she needs a mixture. She will give you her mixing bowl. It is a Container so you need a free slot in the Inventory. She also mentions some kind of ancient bowl that she needs.

The Hardened Mixture

You must forage four items that you have to combine in Ella's mixing bowl. Forage a Chilled Tundra Root from Everfrost Peaks, a Sweetened Mudroot from Misty Thicket, a Speckled Moldy Mushroom from Innothule Swamp and a Heartfruit from Greater Faydark. You need a forage skill of over 100 to do this, so I hope you've been building up your forage skills.

Go to these zones, you can forage these items anywhere within the zones, find a nice safe space and hit forage continuously. The four items look like edible foods, but you'll get a message saying "You have foraged something that does not look edible." This can take several hours so be prepared to be very bored. When you get the items, combine them in the bowl and you get a Hardened Mixture. After this you will no longer need the mixing bowl.

The Runed Bowl

Now go to the Chess Island in Timorous Deep. The easiest way to do this is to take the barge from the Oasis docks to Timorous Deep. From this island, cast levitate, Sow and invis (there's a deadly Iksar o
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