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Serverlar 4 saat downmuş duyduğuma göre...

Oct. 8th Update Notes
10/08/2003 04:39 AM

Client version: 59800.13


An Imperial Research Facility on Dantooine headed by the premier cyborg specialist Colonel Teraud has been revealed. Rumors of unrest surround 'The Warren' (as it is called), after an Imperial Inquisitor sent to investigate the Colonel's progress has failed to report back any findings.
Bartender Rumors added for Monthly Fiction current events.
Cries of Alderaan - Act 2
Imperial probes have picked up chatter on Lok indicating that Nym's crime operation is expanding. Nym's chief lieutenants are said to be actively recruiting adventurers in the area...


Fixed a bug that would cause mission objectives and creature lairs to respawn infinitely.
Vader and Palpatine (and imperial officers) now default to Imperial Mood so they don't scratch, yawn, etc.
Missions on advanced planets will now scale correctly based on character level.
Added chance to draw mission above your level on starting planets.
Updated creature spawning on Dathomir and Endor.
Made Cowardly Gurrecks smaller.
Added random quest giving NPCs to Talus and Corellia.
Changed generic outpost to science and trade outpost on Dathomir.
Fixed retrieve quest for Nien Nunb (part of the Rebel Theme Park). You can now converse with the Trader who is supposed to give you a hyperdrive repair part.
Fixed missing mission objective on rebel faction destroy missions
Capped the max number of components that can be found off a single creature in loot at 10.
Fixed many quest bugs for static quests and theme parks
Fixed string error in last Rebel theme park mission
Added MEDIUM and STRONG disease attacks to some difficult creatures
Wookiees are now allowed to wear rings
Wookiee roar reuse timer was reduced
Wookiee roar now gives a short mind buff in addition to its normal effect


Changed all delay moves to be on a 30 second timer
Added some failsafe clearing of dot states to help prevent the states sticking after the dot is removed.
Made AT-ST & AT-AT vulnerable to DT_blast
Modified turret armor ratings vs DT_energy
Modified turret weapon damage types (block=blast & tower=kinetic)
Special attacks which knockdown NPCs will cause the NPC to fall down for a couple of seconds before trying to stand back up. If the NPC is dizzy, he may fall down again when attempting to stand.
Decreased unarmed move costs
Fixed bugs with state defense modifiers
Brought pistolmeleedefense2 (pistolwhip 2) cost in line with pistolwhip 1
Fixed surprise shot and change surprise shot so it doesn't remove cover
Increased vibroknuckler range to 5 meters
Increased movement accuracy penalties/defensive bonuses
Fixed a problem that prevented several loot armor components from not providing their special protections.
Reduced the encumbrance of the padded armor segment.
Tweaked component loot values on armor segments and enhancements to correspond with changes made to draft schematics.
Fixed a problem with some loot weapon component enhancements increasing attack delay instead of decreasing it.
Modified process for granting general combat xp (should always be at least 10% of total combat damage)
Upped combat xp grant range to 80m
Decreased pistolwhip 1/2 damage
Increased move costs for lowblow
Fixed panic shot cone size, delaying user, and not effecting multiple people
Increased damage of overcharge shot 2
Fixed bug with intimidate so that it should be successful more often


When manufacturing an item that takes components, you do not have to extract the components from the crate to put in the input hopper. You can just put the crate in, and the manufacturing station will get the components as needed.
Made double clicking work on factory crates in crafting
Fixed containers (crafting stations and vendors especially) to calculate their inventory space correctly.
Fixed an issue with factory crates not showing the stats of the contained items.
Fix crafting lock-up if you try to use 2 crafting tools at once.
Added "empty harvester" button to discard ALL resources
Added more info when you examine a manufacturing factory.
Fixed crafting manufacture schematic UI limit to go up to 1000
Fix for missing components after crafting
Added new schematic for droid customization kit
Send message to player if he loses a component during crafting due to his inventory being full.
Prevent deletion of manufacture stations if the hoppers or schematic slot is not empty.
Reduced the HAM costs on advanced sword core and vibro blade components.
Altered the artisan-granted harvester and generator schematics to grant general crafting XP instead of specialized architect XP.
Added 'premium' column to vendor listing
Fixed a typo in the ranged stimpack E schematic which caused it to cost 13 duration mechanisms instea
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Sosyal ağlarda paylaş

yeni patch super
ozellikle unarmed karakterler icin yeni gelen power boost ve ham costlardaki dusus, intimidate in guclenmesi vb vb
ranger in camo kilterde sonunda 1 ise yarayacak gibi

revenge tef olayinin kalkmasi iyi olmus ama ancordan bestine e paso kosulmaz mount filan gelsin :=)

1 suru fix var kd dizzy olayi duzeltilmis, flame thrower hala melee damage mi vuruo o konuda bisi yazmiodu yazik riflemanlare duzeltsinler onuda

yaratiklar kuvvetlenmis buda guzel poison disease olaylari guzel
combat medic exploitte fixlenmis

hersey guzel gozukuo simdilik yani herifler calisiyor...
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Sosyal ağlarda paylaş

October In Development List

This is what we have scheduled for our next monthly publish. We expect it to go on to Test Center by early November.

Mounts (six different types including the Dewback and Kaadu)
Player City code: Voting, Taxation, Militia and City Growth
New Buildings: City Hall, Player Cantina, Player Hospital, Player Theatre, Player Bank, Player Shuttleport
New Professions: Politician
Themepark badges/rewards
Various bug fixes and profession enhancements

daha test e bile kasımda gircekmiş, yukarıdakileri unutun bisüre...[hline]''Most of us walk in the light and the shadow but there are the chosen few who walk this world , carrying their own light to brighten both day and night.''
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Sosyal ağlarda paylaş

Arkadaslar carbinner e cozum gelmemis TEF mef hadi ok de bide yani carbinierlere de biras dmg atilsa birde sunu solicem aranisda padded armor boots (black-blue) satilan yer biliorsaniz solerseniz cok sevinirim avian meatlerinizi bekliorum operim

MAster Doc--Master Carbinier SWG Eclipse
Kelem Swartz
Warden Lvl:50 RR9 Excalibur
Kelem Swartz
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Benim en çok hoşuma giden factory lerin artık kendi kendine crate den parça alabilmeleri.Büyük bir yükden kurtarıyor gerçektende.
Schematic limitini 100 e indirceklerdi, millet bunları sıvayınca 1000 e indirmişler.
Master dancer ve musician mevcut mind pool u 2 katına çıkarabilceklermiş ki buda harika bişi hehe
Pop sende göbek at bak wookie roar ı işe yarar hale getirmişler nihayet =)[hline]''Most of us walk in the light and the shadow but there are the chosen few who walk this world , carrying their own light to brighten both day and night.''

[Bu mesaj Darksun tarafından 08 October 2003 19:25 tarihinde değiştirilmiştir]
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omam, 08 October 2003 19:22 tarihinde demiş ki:
Arkadaslar carbinner e cozum gelmemis TEF mef hadi ok de bide yani carbinierlere de biras dmg atilsa birde sunu solicem aranisda padded armor boots (black-blue) satilan yer biliorsaniz solerseniz cok sevinirim avian meatlerinizi bekliorum operim

Hastayım sana :D[hline]Muhendis A'ab Novice Pistoleer,Master CH at Eclipse
Wolith Wannabe Commando at Ahazi
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Sosyal ağlarda paylaş

10 tane PA hall fail olur inşallahhhh

tepene yıkılsın bütün duvarları
yaptıgın binalar çöksünde veli göçer gibi adın çıksın kimse senden ev almasın

harvesterdan resource alırken harvesterın bozulsun resourceların yok olsun beter ol beter

hmm bu kadar yeterli sanırım reno

bi daha gobegime laf etme çok daha beter beddua ederim failsiz günün geçmez :P

ps : en kısa zamanda doc charınla giriyosun ava gidiyoruz bıraktın gittin bizi :([hline]Bir çöpümüz var diye heryerin çöp kokmasına karşıyım ben...
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