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Karakterleri Tanıyalım: Darkwing Duck


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Darkwing Duck (Karakanat Ördek) kısaca Batman+Varyemez Amca diyebiliriz.

Bebekliğimde Voltran, Red Kit, He-Man üçlüsünden sonra, ilkokul dönemlerimde karşılaştığım iyi çizgi filmlerden olan Darkwing Duck, Spiderman ve Ninja Kaplumbağalar çizgi filmlerinden biridir..

Darkwing Duck, bir kızı olan (üvey kızdı sanırım) geceleri suçla savaşan maskeli bir kahramandır.
Batman gibi ciddi birisi olmadığından, izlerken hem heyecanlanır hem de gülmekten yarılırdınız.

"ekşi" sözlük kullanıcıları, herşeyi eleştirdikleri gibi, bunu da saçma bulmuşlar, ama paticik kullanıcıları arasında çok önemli bir yeri olduğunu biliyorum.[hline]Nefret Ederim: Petek Dinçöz, Harry Potter, Electronic Arts
Hastasıyım: Şebnem Ferah, Wolverine, Blizzard

[Bu mesaj Bonecrusher tarafından 24 November 2003 11:32 tarihinde değiştirilmiştir]
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Darkwing Duck is a Disney cartoon that orginated in like 91 or
something on the Disney Afternoon. I won't go into the psychological
attachment I developed for the show, instead I'll tell you what it's

Drake Mallard, mysteriously employeed suburban single father, is, in
actuality Darkwing Duck, the terror that flaps. He's your basic
vigilante that goes around in a cape and mask. Okay maybe not basic
considering that his ego is, as one villian put it, the size of a
small planet. He's got a sidekick in Launchpad McQuack, and for you
DuckTales fans, yes it's the same guy. He's also helped by his adopted
daughter Gosalyn and her best friend Honker. Darkwing often helps a
crime fighting oraganization called SHUSH.

Various villians go against our hero including The Fearsome Five, a
group of villians who actually fight alone more then as a groups, huh.
Anyway...then there's FOWL enemies of SHUSH and various others who are
uh...not those other guys[hline]Nefret Ederim: Petek Dinçöz, Harry Potter, Electronic Arts
Hastasıyım: Şebnem Ferah, Wolverine, Blizzard
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Darkiwing Duck is the tale of Drake Mallard, the secret identity of the unstoppable crime fighter (and mega-egomaniac) Darkwing Duck. Darkwing uses his high-tech arsenal of crime fighting gadgets and impeccable deductive skill to fight any evil doer that dare befoul his beautiful city of St. Canard. Teamed with his faithful, yet less cerebral, sidekick Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing scours the city by night and keeping a vigilant watch from "Darkiwing Tower" in the Audobon Bay Bridge. By day, Darwking returns to home life in the suburbs and his equally important job of father to his young adopted daughter Gosalyn.

Whether thwarting the evil plans of F.O.W.L., the Fearsome Five or any of the many other criminals, Darkwing triumphs with superbly honed fighting skills, quick wit and lots of luck! Criminals everywhere know the name of Darkwing Duck! (Especially after he informs them in a long alliterative narrative)[hline]Nefret Ederim: Petek Dinçöz, Harry Potter, Electronic Arts
Hastasıyım: Şebnem Ferah, Wolverine, Blizzard
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Darkwing Duck (television): Animated television series; premiered on The Disney Channel on April 6, 1991, then aired on ABC and in syndication beginning September 7, 1991. The ABC run ended on September 11, 1993, and the syndication run on September 1, 1995 (this does not include the resurrection for the 1996-1997 season). When average citizen Drake Mallard dons a mask, hat, and cape, he becomes the swashbuckling crimebuster, Darkwing Duck. With the help of his loyal but often clueless sidekick, Launchpad McQuack, he patrols the city of St. Canard. When he adopts his orphan niece, Gosayln (it was never established that DW and Gos were related- "Darkly Dawns the Duck" insinuates they are not), who wants to help out with the crimebusting, his life changes drastically. Voices include Jim Cummings (Darkwing Duck and Jim Muddlefoot- ah, he must be the Muddlefoot we were never introduced to), Christine Cavanaugh (Gosalyn Mallard), Terry McGovern (Launch[ad), Katie Leigh (Honker Muddlefoot).[hline]Nefret Ederim: Petek Dinçöz, Harry Potter, Electronic Arts
Hastasıyım: Şebnem Ferah, Wolverine, Blizzard
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Şarkı sözleri

Daring duck of mystery, champion of right.
Swoops out of the shadows, Darkwing owns the night.
Somewhere some villain schemes, but his number's up. 3, 2, 1.
Darkwing Duck (when there's trouble you call DW.)
Darkwing Duck, Let's get Dangerous.
Darkwing Duck (Darkwing, Darkwing Duck!)

Cloud of smoke and he appears, master of surprise.
Who's that cunning mind behind, that shadowy disguise.
Nobody knows for sure, but bad guys are out of luck, cause here comes.

Darkwing Duck, look out (When there's trouble you call DW.)
Darkwing Duck, Let's get dangerous.
Darkwing Duck, Better watch out you bad boys
Darkwing Duck!


I am the terror that flaps in the night...

I am the auditor who wants to look at your books
I am the batteries that aren't included

I am the blown fuse that blacks you out

I am the bubble gum that sticks in your hair

I am the bubble gum that sticks to your shoe

I am the burned out bulb you can not reach

I am the butter that burns in your pan

I am the cat that should be let out of the bag

I am the check that overdraws your account

I am the check writer in the cash only lane

I am the chill that runs up your spine

I am the clock cleaner who will ring your chimes

I am the cloud that rains on your hit parade

I am the cold sore that stings your lips

I am the combination lock on the vault of justice

I am the current of vengeance gurgling through your sewer

I am the editor that cuts your scene

I am the editor that leaves you on the cutting room floor

I am the fast food that comes back to haunt you

I am the feathery phantom that haunts your nightmares

I am the fingernail that scrapes the chalkboard of your soul

I am the flea you cannot flick

I am the ghost of a chance that you don't have

I am the grade curve that gives you an 'F'

I am the hairball that clogs your drain

I am the hair in the lens of your projector

I am the ham radio operator that scrambles your reception

I am the headache in the criminal mind

I am the Heimlich maneuver for the choking victims of crime

I am the hero that every culture needs

I am the icky bug that crawls up your trouser leg

I am the ingrown toenail in your paddy pumps

I am the ingrown toenail on the foot of crime

I am the itch you can not reach

I am the jackal that knaws at your bones

I am the jailer who throws away the key

I am the limestone that petrifies your bones

I am the little mouse that eats your cheese

I am the lollipop that sticks in your hair

I am the low point in your sine wave

I am the low rating that cancels your program

I am the metal key on the sardine can of justice

I am the meter on the taxicab of justice

I am the moth that seeks your porch light

I am the muddy shoes that track the linoleum of crime

I am the neurosis that requires a $500 an hour shrink

I am the number ninety sunblock that'll stop your burn

I am the onion that stings in your eyes

I am the original Mr. Fix-it

I am the paper cut that ruins your morning

I am the parking meter that expires while you shop

I am the pebble in the shoe of ignominy

I am the pencil that breaks from signing too many autographs

I am the pimple that forms before a really big date

I am the pin that will burst your bubble

I am the pitbull that bites the ankle of crime

I am the plot twist in the second reel

I am the principal you are sent to see

I am the pustulus blister that bursts in your boot

I am the quality time that ruins your play time

I am the raspberry seed you can't floss out

I am the repairman who tells you your warranty just ran out

I am the rhinestones on the jump suit of justice

I am the rust in the pipes of crime

I am the sandtrap on the fairway of evil

I am the schnauzer that digs up your petunias

I am the scrubbing bubble to criminal scum

I am the single career man all women want to date

I am the slug that slimes your begonias

I am the smoke that smokes smoked oysters

I am the soap scum that lines your bathtub

I am the special news bulletin that interrupts your favorite show

I am the spinach that sticks in your teeth

I am the squeaky stair that gives away your presence

I am the squashed bug on your flying saucer windshield

I am the stain that can't be rubbed out

I am the substantial and inescapable penalty for early withdrawal

I am the super nova at the center of the universe

I am the surprise in your cereal box

I am the switch that derails your train

I am the $10 service charge on all returned checks

I am the termite that devours your floor boards

I am the thing that goes bump in the night

I am the tube of cadmium yellow that's impossible to open

I am the water balloon that lands right on your head

I am
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