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Yeni dev team iyi çalışıyor gibi...


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[spo1=uzun olduundan spoilerledim.]Live - Publish 12.1 January 25th, 2005

Along with the following features and bug fixes players that have not updated to DirectX 9.0c are required to please do so with this publish. Click here for more information.


* Crafting an All Purpose Ship Repair Kit will now use artisan experimentation instead of shipwright experimentation.


* Fixed a problem where warcry would stack multiple times.


* Allowed survey/sampling while on mounts

Dancers / Musicians

* We now allow a dancer/musician buff simultaneously


* Entertainer mission payouts have been substantially increased.


* Imperial crackdown presence has had their firepower DRAMATICALLY increased
* Fixed faction base vulnerability bug


* Force Meditate now clears on all server transitions and login


* Exceptional quality weapons will no longer drop with unlimited DOT charges.


* The prison ship in the rebel tier 4 recovery duty "Rescue prisoners from the Empire" will no longer exit the Dathomir region early.
* Fixed a bug that prevented space missions from failing if you left the mission zone prematurely.

New Players

* Newly created players who start in Kaadara, Naboo will no longer float 200m above the ground for 20 seconds

Player Structures

* All maintenance fees will automatically attempt to deduct from Bank accounts after the maintenance pool has been depleted. Once a structure reaches 0 hitpoints, it will flag itself as condemned instead of deleting itself. Condemned houses are not enterable, and all other structures are not usable. To uncondemn a house, simply enter it with enough money in the bank to pay the repair cost. To uncondemn all other structures, use them with enough money in the bank to pay the costs.


* Politician skill boxes will no longer require skill points to train.


* Players will only be allowed 350 quests in their quests list.

Saitek Gaming Keyboard / Joystick

* Fixed an issue with Saitek gaming keyboard
* Fix for Saitek X52 flight control system

Server Stability

* Fixed some issues that were causing server crashes
* Fixed a major crash to desktop that involved lightsaber use
* Improved client stability


* Complete revamp of interior ship alarms. They should turn off now. You must redeed existing ships to completely correct the issue
* The target status window updates properly for gunners.
* Weapon capacitor overcharge should charge the space ship weapons beyond 100% and increase charge rate
* Fixed engine slow-down in first-person camera mode.


* Star Destroyer now grants experience equivalent to Rebel Spacestation in Deep Space

Space UI

* In the ship component view ('v') the following corrections where changed
o Capacitors where not reflecting the correct state data in the components UI.
o The shield recharge rate has now been corrected
o Max capacitor value now changes to reflect the new max value.
* Grey targeting arrow for POB ships will now fade in and out instead of disappearing.

Spawns / POI

* Krayt Dragon Population boom!
* Decreased spawn times for some POI's
* Decreased spawn times for Dathomir Spider Cave
* Spawn System Refinements


* Mon Calamari now able to spend faction points to buy items from Imperial recruiter.


* Added X31 (not a typo) landspeeder to all newbie starting equipment. This new speeder looks identical to the X34 but goes 10% slower.
* Decreased starport wait time to 60 seconds
* Fixed an issue where spawns were not being generated when in a speeder


* Reticle optimization
* Tweaked space controls backend
* Fixed display of faction rank for character with no rank affiliation


* Fixed an issue with vendors where you had less then the maximum amount but you couldn't place a vendor
* Player and vendor must be in the same building for the player to be allowed to initialize the vendor. [/spo]
Politicianın sp istememesi çok iyi olmuş bence.[signature][hline][b]????????????[url=http://www.newgr
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yani simdi politician skill point istemio mu?[signature][hline]Hold your ground!Hold your ground!Sons of Gondor,of Rohan my brothers!I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the hearth of me!A day may come when the courage of Men fails when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship.But it is not this day!An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the age of Men came crashing down!But it is not this day!This day we fight!By all dears that you hold on this good earth I bid you stand,Men of the West!!!
-King Elessar
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yeni dev team alindi, varolanlar combat revamp uzerine yogunlastigi ve content konusunda eksik kaldiklarini farkettiklerinden heralde.. veya lucasarts guzel bi boyadi bunlari. 20 kisi eklendi, sadece yeni content uzerinde calisacaklar..

These new folks won't have any affect on the in-progress Combat Upgrade, which has been fully staffed since Publish 10. More details on the Combat Upgrade will be coming out in January as we enter the alpha testing phase of that development.

Where these new people will help most is in allowing us to add more content, work on the non-combat professions and get to the galactic civil war enhancements sooner.

demis gordon efendi, her kimse..


[Bu mesaj Morian tarafından 26 Ocak 2005 15:48 tarihinde değiştirilmiştir]
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çok yerinde bi karar olmuş dev team e yeni elemanların alınması. publish 12 ile birlikte gelen oyun çökmelerinden dev team in yetersiz olduğu apaçık ortadaydı. süper çalışmaya da başlamışlar geldikleri gibi bug ların bazıalrını düzeltmişler, hayırlısı bakalım[signature][hline]a.k.a "bay bomba"
SWG: Ottkoo Jeliyeer of Eclipse Galaxy
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flameeye, 26 Ocak 2005 12:44 tarihinde demiş ki:
Krayt Dragon Population boom!

Hadi Krayta

yalan . krayt filan yok gene:( adamlar yaptik diyolar ama belki yeni oldugundandir hala yok.[signature][hline] oawaen@infinty
teras kasi master

[Bu mesaj barbu tarafından 27 Ocak 2005 12:36 tarihinde değiştirilmiştir]
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