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How to Craft New Gear in SPvP


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Reddit'ten said:

I understand that many of the players have figured this out already. For the few that do no understand, I've reposted the steps to get new gear in SPvP. Post anything I may be missing.

Earn Glory via Playing
Purchase Lockboxes from Vendor, won from Tournaments, or leveling your Glory Rank
Purchase Salvage Kits from Vendor
Salvage unwanted gear for crafting materials
Use crafting materials in Mystic Forge to craft new pieces

Item Token + Glory Token + Arcane Dust + Arcane Material

Item Token: Bought from Vendors or Random Lockboxes (Ex: Medium Head Armor Token, Greatsword Token)
Glory Token: Obtained from Salvaging or Random Lockboxes (Ex: Deer Token, Rabbit Token, Shark Token)
Arcane Dust: Obtained from Salvaging
Arcane Material: Obtained from Salvaging (Ex: Arcane Sliver, Arcane Orb, Arcane Crystal)

Items generated by crafting are not random.
They follow a preset combination of the above items.
Higher quality materials generate higher tier items (cosmetically).
There are no statistical increases in quality of items

Bir de videosu:

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