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HON- I'm like...


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I am like Legionaire ...
when grap my mace charging into a group of girls and they start hitting me, I spin around and oneshot them all.

I am like Tremble
When a girl comes by I jump out from my hole and visciously attack her. Even though she has no chance of escaping, my little bug shoots a white substance that locks her in place. Unless assisted by at least a few friends she always dies.

I am like Bubbles
Sometimes I come out of my shell (though often times I stay inside it), I can play songs, and even provide weed if needed.

I am like Devourer
Everytime I see a beautiful girl I scream "you're mine" and grab her to me

I'm like moraxus, every time i grap my sword i runs in and IM MORAXUS and stuns all the girls

Iam like empath if i see a nice girl i go really deep inside them

I am like bloodhunter, i chase with epic speed the biatches who are most vulnerable.

I'm like Night Hound, im invisible to the girls...
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