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Rebellerin Güçlülüklerinin Sırrı : )


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Once again rebels are now even more powerful then the imperials. About 7rebels attacked SG yesterday and they pretty much killed everyone a few times over before finally being killed (over 20imps) Now u might want to know why, here is YOUR ANSWER

Rebels get holocrons like crazzy in fact NYC on starsider camped the **edit** darktrooper base and farmed it till everyone got a **edit** holocron in there clan(PA). They can sell holocrons to neutrals imperials and rebels meaning they make hordes of money which in return let them buy 60%-70%or higher Composite armors as well as 300+damage pistols or even higher damage....IMperials Unless u Real rich in real life cannot do this.That means that they not only have greater numbers but they also have superior firepower and defense.

This new at-st nerf now makes it possible for people other then rifleman and commando to kill an at-st. So what that means is that at-st's have now become useless AND SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM GAME AND THOSE WHO HAVE THEM SHOULD GET THERE **edit** FP REFUNDED SO THEY CAN BUY ST ARMOR AND SELL IT AND HAVE A DECENT CHANCE AGAINST THE REBELS!!!! Or u could do what the imperials would like done for once and UN-NERF the **edit** at-st's.

FACT#1-When imperials go to a planet they have not been to before they USE AT-sts to secure the planet that means that AT-sts will attack any CREATURE that is a threat to the empire. So as for rebels crappy complaint about at-st's shouldnt be attacking creatures the empire wouldnt let them do that....WRONG they would because killing off creatures is part of the Empires rule.

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Re: IMperials VS REbels even more lop sided(at-st nerf also a topic)(DEVS rEAD PLZ) [ NEW ] Options

Fact #2:

The Empires At-St's were never used to farm krayt tissues or holocrons.

Fact #3:

At-St's are not as strong as people think they are, if we make them indestructable by anyone other than commando, rifleman, lets go ahead and add in the wires and tree trunks so we can kill them in one swing. Also anytime they go down a steep hill they should have a chance to be tripped due to their unstable platform (the AT [All-Terran] is true however it does have problems on steep inclinces).

Fact #4:

We need AT-AT's![hline]:) :-) ;-) :-p :-O
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