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1. Desert Eagles
Akimbo weapon! An automatic hand-gun that can break a man's arm. That's why it doesn't fire so frequently but the bullets can easily pierce thick armor.

Bullet start speed = 15.83
Bullet start power = 39.9
Shots/Sec. = 3
Reloading = 1.5 sec.
Ammuniton = 7

2. HK MP5
The most popular submachine-gun in the world. Fast and furious. In short ranges it can defeat heavy weapons.

Bullet start speed = 15.83
Bullet start power = 22.8
Bullets/Sec. = 10
Reloading = 1.75 sec.
Ammuniton = 30

3. AK-74
Modified version of Automat-Kalasznikov from 1947. Weapon of terrorists and most of world's army forces. The best rifle in the past 50 years.

Bullet start speed = 20
Bullet start power = 29.28
Bullets/Sec. = 6
Reloading = 2.5 sec.
Ammuniton = 40

4. Steyr AUG
This weapon looks like a toy but it sure isn't. With great speed it spits out bullets killing everything in a fast attack.

Bullet start speed = 21.66
Bullet start power = 20.8
Bullets/Sec. = 9
Reloading = 1.91 sec.
Ammuniton = 30

5. Spas-12
This Shotgun makes a massacre with its 12-Gauge bullets. The best weapon for close-contact.

Bullet start speed = 11.66
Bullet start power = 18.19
Shots/Sec. = 2
Reloading 7 = 2.91 sec.
Ammuniton = 7

6. Ruger-77
A hunting rifle. Very fast and accurate. Good for hunting deers and people.

Bullet start speed = 27.5
Bullet start power = 83.15
Bullets/Sec. = 2
Reloading = 1.25 sec.
Ammuniton = 4

7. M79
The famous grenade-launcher from the Vietnam War. Viet-Cong quickly ran to the bushes when they heard its characteristic sound. The 40mm grenade can blast anyone into pieces even after a shot behind a hill.

Bullet start speed = 9.58
Bullet start power = 18400
1 bullet in 3 sec.
Reloading = 3 sec.
Ammuniton = 1

8. Barret M82A1
This sniper weapon has incredible power. It was designed to pierce tank armor. The Army didn't even plan to use it against people. But who cares?
Sniper mode available if you crouch or go prone.

Bullet start speed = 45.83
Bullet start power = 272.25
1 bullet in 4 sec.
Reloading = 5 sec.
Ammuniton = 10

9. M249 (FN Minimi)
The best machinegun with great firepower. Can be very helpful for backing-up your team.

Bullet start speed = 22.5
Bullet start power = 27
Bullets/Sec. = 7
Reloading = 4.16 sec.
Ammuniton = 50

10. XM214 Minigun
The famous "O'll Painless" from the movie Predator. This chaingun is mounted on army helicopters. It uses a tremendous amount of ammo and can kill the same amount of enemies.

Bullet start speed = 24.16
Bullet start power = 15.95
Bullets/Sec. = 15
Reloading = 6 sec.
Ammuniton = 100
Startup = 0.83 sec.

Standard arsenal:

Standard US special forces weapon. You get it always after respawn as a secondary weapon.

Bullet start speed = 15
Bullet start power = 34.19
Bullets/Sec. = 5
Reloading = 1.08 sec.
Ammuniton = 12

Combat Knife
Standard infantry combat knife. One direct hit with this little thing eliminates the enemy at once. Best for covert operations.
Can be also used as a throw knife with the throw weapon button.

A chainsaw used for cutting piles of wood. If somebody finds a different use for this please let everybody know.

Anti-tank weapon, fires an explosive missile. Can be used only from the crouch position.

After throwing out your weapon you can play Rocky.

Fragmentation Grenades
Doesn't kill immediately but a good tactical throw can harm or kill a couple of enemy's at once.
On start and when you pickup the green box grenade supplies.

Special weapons:

Rambo Bow
The famous Bow of John Rambo available in Rambomatch mode. Great for stealth operations. Silent, fast as lightning and lethal. You can change to exploding arrows with the change weapon key.

Bullet start speed = 17.5
Bullet start power = 252
Bullets/Sec. = 6
Reloading = 0.41 sec.
Ammuniton = 1

Is used to set other players on fire. Available after picking up the Flame God bonus.[signature][hline]bir kaz dünyaya bedel

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turkceye ceviriim ole sticky yapislin[signature][hline]IYILIK ET, KOTULUK BUL
server:xigenon 3
weapon: +10/100 dual shard
Armor: Full Chitin Shell Rouge
Clan: Madem Turksun Goster Urksun

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Karakedi bi ara demişki: sagda solda gateler acılıyor, içinden lol diyerek insanlar çıkıyor.

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