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Marius LEFT!11 Funcom


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Funcom announces new Game Director for Anarchy Online

Impressive looking graphics upgrade, new live content and much more

Hi, and welcome to another edition of the Anarchy Online newsletter. In this issue we have some truly exciting news about the future of AO, as well as a personal letter from Morten Byom, the new Game Director for Anarchy Online.

First off it’s appropriate to mention the fact that Marius Enge, the former Game Director for Anarchy Online, has decided to leave Funcom. He has accepted a position as Senior Designer for one of the premier upcoming MMO games. Funcom is sad to see Marius leave, but at the same time grateful for the outstanding work he has delivered through the seven years he worked on AO. Funcom wishes him the best of luck in his new endeavor.

We are sure we have found a fantastic replacement in Morten Byom, who has proven himself in Anarchy Online for years. You can see a personal letter from Morten about the future of AO, and a bit about himself, in this newsletter. At the same time Funcom is further staffing up the Anarchy team. One of the newly arrived is Enno Rehling, who was Lead Programmer on Notum Wars (Expansion pack of the year, CGW). An already multi-award winning staff mixed with additional quality newcomers in the weeks to come means that Funcom feel confident about a continued strong future for Anarchy Online.

Funcom is also very happy to announce a major graphics upgrade for Anarchy Online. Even though AO has constantly received great praise and awards for its graphics and art direction, we always seek to make something better. The first evidence of a vastly updated world will be experienced through all-new ground textures and more detailed characters. Moreover, the entire color scheme will be upgraded to make the planet more vibrant, colorful and lush. All of these changes will be implemented in the months to come, in addition to new playfields which will further escalate the intense and action-filled alien conflict. It’s indeed a good time to be an AO player!

Seeing the positive evolution of Anarchy Online over the past few years, Funcom once again emphasizes our commitment to keep on developing quality content for the ultimate sci-fi MMORPG. It’s Morten Byom who will spearhead that development together with Project Director Ole Schreiner, and we have great confidence in their ability to make AO even better. Without further ado we let Morten present himself:

Hello fellow Rubi-Kans!

With this letter I would like to introduce myself and give you a small insight about who I am and where I come from. I will also shed some light on my many plans for Anarchy Online in the years to come. The first thing I want to say is that I wish Marius the best of luck in his new career, and I hope that he will one day return.

I have worked on Anarchy Online for 5 years. I was initially hired as a World Designer, and have since held several roles on the team. My first task was designing and building the world of Rubi-Ka, before I became Lead World Designer for the Shadowlands expansion pack. There I created the playfields Nascense, Penumbra and Pandemonium, amongst other duties. During Alien Invasion I was responsible for adapting all the existing playfields to cater for the player-made cities, and I also created large parts of the ICC shuttleport. Additionally I served as Lead Graphics Artist overseeing the graphics production.

Besides being involved with the development I am an avid Anarchy Online player and can honestly say I am addicted to both the game and its surrounding community. Over the years I have played several characters above level 200 and well into the shadow levels and hope to one day soon reach 220. Experiencing the game from a player’s perspective has given me invaluable insight to the different aspects of the game, both its strengths and weaknesses, and this will hopefully improve my perspective when making decisions"?

When it comes to my main priorities for the coming period I promise I will go through all the current gameplay elements, and evaluate if any immediate changes need to be done. When I have concluded I will do my best to implement the necessary changes as fast as possible. There are already features and game elements that I would like to change, and I hope several of these adjustments are out before Christmas. I would like to mention that when we are dealing with a live product we must tread carefully to ensure that we do not break or unbalance the game. It is more important to us to get these improvements right, rather than to sacrifice quality to rush untested features into the game.

When it comes to long-term goals I would like to increase the amount of free content upgrades and I would also like to strengthen several aspects of the end-game. As you have read by now we have started the process of upgrading the graphics, and I am very positive to what this will bring in terms of world be
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Abi... ühü hüh :/

ühühühüh hatta. Adam texture ları deiştirecem demiş başka düzeltecek bişi yokmuş gibi bi firma nasıl bu kadar dangalak olur yaw. Grafiker baya bildiin adam işte. World designer. Oyunun dengeleri alt üst herifler grafik diyor.[signature][hline]"Story of SadButcher" - SadButcher Playlist!
horacegoesskiing, 19 December 2003 13:31 tarihinde demiş ki:
...zayıf gelen iki dersim vardı resim ve beslenme dersi. şimdi dombili bi çizerim. öyle bi karakterim var yani...
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