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ReîgnOfChaos [Gandara Guild]

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§ 25 Oca 2015, 17:00

We are a Turkish guild which is formed to fight and even die together for Gandara!
Our purpose is having a large amount of people who likes to play and share their time together. We doing 3 WvW sessions per week. Participating WvW raids is important for us!

What do we expect?

-General knowledge about the game and classes
-Using TS3 in/out combats to communicate each other. Its important to be in contact with the guild.
-Participation to the guild events.
-Attendance and commitment for WvW raids. ( We are expecting this from the players whom lv80 and finished their PvE contents)
-Not to use strong language in guild chat and Team Speak

What we offer you?

-Experienced players who have been playing together for a long time and whom are always looking for ways to improve their play and builds.
-Organised WvW and PvE events like dungeons and Fractals
-Having a huge and friendly family to share, to help or to be helped about anything in/out game.

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§ 25 Oca 2015, 18:56
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