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Update Notes: January 06, 2005 1/6/2005 8:00 AM

*** Headlines ***

- Tons of new quests, mostly for solo players!
- Two new dungeons available for groups at levels 25 to 30!
- Character Differentiation choices have been reset for all characters. See details below.
- New Character Differentiation option: Training!
- Lots of artisan recipe and ability fixes!
- Eat healthy! New examine information added to explain the benefits of food and drink!
- Brawlers get built-in shields!
- Guild followers can spend the status they earn at city merchants!
- Now easier to equip rings, wrist items, and weapons!
- Slash that dot! Maps now show your current heading!
- Lots of UI tweaks and enhancements!
- More bug fixes than you can shake a moss snake at!

*** Character Differentiation ***

- All characters logging in after this update will have their previous character differentiation choices reset. This includes any selections that were pending.
- Character differentiation selections will be offered again. You may receive your selections in a different order this time. Class-dependent choices (like Tactics: Enemy Mastery) will be presented after the others. Characters who gain these abilities as they level up normally will get them in the normal order.

- You will not be able to receive quest rewards until you make all pending character differentiation choices available to you.

*** Training ***

- Characters now receive a new character differentiation option every ten adventure levels: Training!
- Training allows you to choose one of four new abilities. Each of these spells or arts builds off abilities you've been using but substantially increases their effectiveness and benefit.
- The choice is yours whether you prefer a stronger attack, a more potent buff, a heartier heal, or a handier utility function. Training allows you to enhance specific aspects of your character and be a bit unique.
- These Training abilities have a longer span of effectiveness than most common spells and arts, so they'll prove very useful to you.
- Note: Characters who reach levels 10 and 20 will not be prompted to make their Training selections until they leave their current zone and enter another. This is a known issue that will be corrected in a future update.
- Remember, you MUST make all Training choices presented to you before you can receive any quest rewards.

*** Gameplay ***

- Group members can now join other group members in a specific instance of a zone even if that zone has reached its capacity.
- If a character dies and is given the option to be revived in a different zone, the revive window will allow the player to choose from multiple instances if they are available.
- Harvesting quests can no longer be completed by purchasing the items from a broker.
- Spells that debuff the target's maximum health or power now work appropriately.
- Fixed a bug that could cause you to fall under the world while swimming.
- Removed the restriction that only guild patrons can spend status points.
- You are no longer able to swap bags into your shared bank if one of the bags contains a lore or no-trade item.
- You are no longer able to drag lore items from your overflow slot into the shared bank.
- Fixed a bug that caused rare mastery quest items not to drop from solo encounters.

*** New Dungeons ***

- Rumor has it that a vile creature named Gobblerock has taken up residence in a newly discovered section of the Freeport Sewers. Those brave enough to end this threat to the Overlord's domain should consult knowledgeable individuals south of the Freeport gates.
- Sources in Qeynos tell us that a previously condemned section of the Catacombs has been reopened. This new area contains some rather formidable adversaries that threaten the city. Faithful servants of the Queen should seek out more information at the lookout point east of the Oracle Tower in Antonica.
- These new dungeons are intended for groups of adventurers around levels 25 to 30.

*** Controls, Commands, and UI ***

- Character Select: If you choose to delete a character, you will now be asked to type in the character name.
- Inventory: The overflow slot now features a context menu that allows you to examine the item, move it to your inventory, or destroy it.
- Inventory: The default behavior when dragging a stack of items or coins has changed to drag the entire stack. To choose a quantity, hold down the Shift key while dragging. Holding down the Control key while dragging still picks up a single item from the stack.
- Inventory: You can now drag bag windows if your mouse pointer is over an empty slot.
- Inventory: If you attempt to equip a weapon that is not compatible with what you're wielding, your current weapons will be unequipped for you. For example, if you are currently holding a sword and shield and attempt to equip a two-handed weapon, both the sword and shield will be unequipped.
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