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WIS Primalist 1v1

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§ 22 May 2013, 12:47
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WISDOM Primalist Guide to 1v1

Hello. This is a guide to playing primalist in 1v1 fights. It's meant to help newer players improve their 1v1 performance against all classes, and to spark discussions among the more experienced players regarding the primalist.

Primalists are powerful in 1v1, but they require precise decision making and execution. It's definitely a thinking man's class and to make the most of the class, you need to understand how to react to each different class you face.

Here's how the guide is organized:



My character is a Law/Life primalist with 17k prowess. I often beat other players with better gear and more prowess (40k~60k) in duels and in open world pvp. I have good aim, but it's not amazing; that's not required to excel as a primalist. What's important is that you master basic in-game skills, and use them at the right times. Don't lose your cool.

17k prowess
120 wisdom

100 Law
100 Virtuous Wrath ("VW")
75 Invigorate
50 Bastion

50 Heal-self & Transfers


Below is a list of skills you must master as a primalist. It's important that you practice these skills until you're comfortable and able to perform them while making larger tactical decisions. If you're confident about all of these, skip to VS CLASS section.

1. Squirreling

"Squirreling" is a term used to describe when a player sprints left and right, like a panicked, frightened squirrel, weaving and bobbing to dodge attacks. It's one of the most basic pvp skills in Darkfall and important for every class.

Basic Squirreling: sprint forward while swiveling your mouse left/right.

Tip 1: One of the worst mistakes many players make while squirreling is that they swivel their mouse in a predictable manner. Vary both the timing (how long before you change direction) and degree (how far you change directions) for more effective squirreling.

Tip 2: Don't get disoriented. Keep track of roughly where your character is while you squirrel. Don't squirrel yourself into disadvantaged terrain. Squirrel yourself into cover, trees, rocks, higher ground, and in group fights toward your friends.

Tip 3: Know when to squirrel and when to straight-line. Squirreling makes it hard to hit you with arrows and some spells, but allows your enemies to catch up.

2. Jump Kiting

Very simple stuff. Run in a straight line while your enemy is chasing you, start casting VW, jump forward, turn back and shoot your enemy, and turn forward before you land so you don't lose any distance.

3. Invigorate & Bastion

Obviously, have them up as often as possible. However, it's not always possible or recommended to get both up, one after another, at the beginning of the fight (for example when you are under heavy pressure). I recommend you prioritize invigorate over bastion. Keep your cooldown/downtime in the back of your mind as you fight.

Ideally, you want to create some distance, find cover, and stat up while your invig/bastion are down. But you don't want to try to find cover or create distance AFTER the buffs went down, you want to try and find some cover at the last leg of the buffs.

While your buffs are up, you can afford to be more aggressive. Just make sure you adjust and tone down your aggression when your buffs are down.

4. Transfer between VWs

VW has a cooldown that's a little bit shorter than the casting time for your transfer spells. Get in the habit of throwing transfers between VWs.

The basic combo while fighting is VW->stam to health->VW->mana to stam, rinse/repeat. Coupled with invigorate, your stam to health will recover HP ridiculously fast. You can ignore Health to Mana for the first half of the fight, unless you're just winning so hard you want to top off your mana at the expense of health.


Every fight as a primalist is about keeping your stats up, and running your opponent's stats down. How you do it varies from class to class.

Prim vs. Warrior is a long battle of attrition. The warrior has 1 goal, which is to get on your back and bring you down. Make no mistake, a warrior on your back for 4~5 seconds means you're dead.

The key to beating a warrior is parrying, squirreling, and straight-lining to jump-kite VWs, rinse & repeat.


Do NOT, I repeat do NOT, hold parry and walk backwards slowly like a frightened turtle. Any warrior worth a damn is going to disable your parry and take you down in seconds.

Here's what you do: parry, squirrel, and then straight-line. Parry to mitigate damage, squirrel while parrying to gain distance, and then straight-line to keep the distance, jump kite VWs. Rinse, repeat.

Important: while you parry and squirrel, DONT be afraid to run towards the warrior, at least briefly. You don't want to run toward him for more than a second, but running straight at him will disorient the warrior AND as an added bonus, you will most definitely parry any hits he lands.


Inevitably during the course of the fight, the warrior WILL get within melee range. EVERYTIME you feel that the warrior is in range, parry up. Don't be greedy with your statting; 1 blocked hit is worth more in stats than 1 transfer.

Sometimes, VW will push the warrior towards you while you jump-kite them. Keep an eye on which way your VW pushes the warrior. If it's toward you, you need to parry up immediately. Squirrel, straight-line, jump kite.

Good warriors will use a bow from time to time. When he does, squirrel while statting, then parry when he gets close enough to melee you. If he keeps his distance (HINT: he won't), then squirrel while doing VW/Transfer combo.

Stampede & Foe-bringer; the key to countering Stampede & Foe-bringer is knowing roughly when the warrior will use these abilities and being prepared to parry, squirrel, and straight-line.

Stampede is special. You parry and squirrel, but you don't straight-line until you know the stampede's speed boost has worn off. Again, don't parry and walk slowly backwards. You will die a pathetic death.

Foe-bringer can be dodged if you switch directions as soon as you hear him casting it, but there's a bit of luck involved. Thankfully, foe-bringer renders the warrior unable to attack for a second after casting it, giving you some time to react. Just remember: if he uses foe-bringer or stampede right at the beginning of a long cast-time spell (such as bation or heal-self), cancel it immediately and parry.

After dealing with both stampede & foe-bringer, you have a small window where you can land some VWs without fear of warrior shenanigans. Just be ready for the next stampede/foe-bringer.


Keep your health above 50%. It's almost inevitable that the warrior will get some un-blocked hits on you during one of your parry->squirrel->straight-line engagements. Heal up before you jump-kite.

As long as you land your VW hits, after maybe 2 stampede/foe-bringer cycles from the warrior, you'll have begun to run him out of stamina and mana. But a warrior needs only 10~15 stamina to quickly stickyback you down so play conservatively. By the time he's tried a 3rd or 4th set of stampede/foe-bringers, he'll have run out of everything but health. Keep landing VWs and you'll negate his transfers. Back away just a little bit if he pops a stam pot, after a couple VWs he should run out.


Every fight as a primalist is about keeping your stats up, and running your opponent's stats down.

Against a skirmisher, you can be much more aggressive than against a warrior. Two things are crucial to winning against a skirm: squirreling, and transfers between VWs.

When you have both invigorate and bastion up: squirrel and do VW->transfer combos. Invigorate, bastion, and stam->health should be enough to keep you alive against his DPS while you get his stats down.


I've found that there's a sweet spot range where skirms have the most trouble hitting you, while your VWs are much easier to land. It's maybe 2x to 3x the melee reach, and when you squirrel you should occasionally squirrel right towards the skirm to keep your movement unpredictable. Also, at this range if you start winning, it's much easier to hunt down a skirm who pops an evade.

At first though, and especially if you have the terrain advantage, you want to start long range. Land a few VWs and dodge a few arrows, and then push along cover to reach the sweet spot.


You need to use terrain to your advantage. More specifically, you need to find high ground & cover. Keep in mind that not all higher ground is ideal for fighting a skirmisher. If you're both on a hill, with you higher up on the hill, there's a chance that the terrain will prevent you from scoring any splash damage on the skirmisher, and you're forced to land direct hits; because your VWs have a cooldown and arrows don't, and arrows fire faster anyway, you're going to have a major disadvantage without splash. Avoid fighting in such terrain.

If the skirm lands a lot of arrows in a row and you're under too much pressure to out-heal him, you need to duck under cover and do a transfer cycle/heal-self, or pop a potion (or both, if you have the time). Depending on how good you are vs. how good the skirm is, you can fight on open ground and win BUT you are much more likely to win with some cover/terrain advantage.

If the fight doesn't swing decisively in your favor before your buffs start running out, find cover and rebuff, EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU'RE WINNING BY A SMALL MARGIN. You'll always, always, always win the stat battle against a skirm, even without VWs. But you won't win the DPS battle without both buffs. Play smart, land your VWs and you'll stat him out in no time.

Also remember that you do a good amount of DPS against skirms; if you are buffed and can land direct hit VWs consistently and stam->health in between VWs, it is possible that you can outright out DPS the skirm. Of course, you should use every other advantage you can to swing the odds in your favor (like high-ground and cover).


Salvo is the AOE snare/DOT and is tough to deal with, but the damage comes in 2 waves. You can mitigate the second wave by moving out of the area effect ASAP. As soon as you're hit by salvo, pop a stam-to-health and block the next arrow. By this time, you should be out of the AOE and the snare should end shortly. Start squirreling again but prioritize statting over VW for a cycle to recover.

Exploding arrow, pretty much unavoidable damage every few seconds. You're just going to have to heal through it as I definitely don't think it's worth parrying in 1v1. Fortunately, standard VW->mana to stam->VW->stam to health should deal with exploding arrow provided you're dodging normal arrows at a decent rate.

Nothing special you should do against other abilities, except squirrel against it.


Unless neither of you lands any of your shots, a fight vs. skirm will be decided relatively early. Let's say you come out better off from your initial engagement (or your second, or third engagement). After, say, 5~7 VW hits, the skirm will begin to run low on mana, and you'll have done decent damage to his health. You need to be patient and keep your stats and buffs up inbetween VW-squirreling. Remember that if he can hit 5-7 arrows in a row, the battle instantly turns in his favor.

After 7+ VW hits, if you are high enough on health, you can all of a sudden become much more aggressive. Stick close to him, almost like you were going to melee him, and keep landing solid VWs. If the skirm overcommits, there's a chance you can finish him. Also, if you're up close to him there's a chance he'll wiff his evade and roll straight into you.

If the skirm is good enough, he'll pop all his movement abilities and ride off in a mount. Enjoy your moral victory.


This is a tough and very fast paced battle. Almost the complete opposite of fighting a warrior.

The basic template is similar to fighting a skirmisher. Keep your buffs up and dodge his nukes and rays the best you can, while doing VW/transfer combos.


When fighting an Ele, you can't squirrel like you do against skirmishers. Their nukes have a large AOE so what you want to do is lead their shots one direction, and then leap away the other way. If you can, turn to face the epicenter of the nuke explosion so you can avoid a back-hit.


Against good elementalists, you really really want a terrain advantage. You need to fight on higher ground so that the ele can't easily land AOEs, while your VWs can splash on them from a long range. Be patient, elementalist spells hit hard but in general take a while to charge up. Land a VW, dodge a nuke, and do everything you can to take a terrain advantage.

Cover isn't as good because of the incredible splash that many ele spells have.


A good elementalist hates to hold his spells once it's done casting, because he is confident in his aim and he needs to do damage FAST in order to win his fights. That means you can guess at what spell is coming your way depending on the cast time. I'll cover just a few notable spells here and how to deal with them.

Heatstroke is the fire school ulti. Almost impossible to dodge completely, and has a long cast time.

Magma storm take almost as long to cast and has an insane knock-up from a direct/semi-direct hit so do your best to dodge it.

Static field is the air school ulti. It does AOE damage over time around the elementalist for a few seconds. It does a lot of damage and you can't really block it so it can be difficult to deal with, BUT it's not impossible.

First, it's easy to read when a static field is coming. There's a long cast time, longer than any other air spell. Plus, a big tell is that it's one of the few times where an elementalist will straight up charge you like a warrior.

The best way to deal with it? First of all kite it, BUT a good elementalist will only pop static field when he knows he can get you in range. Read the static field coming and pop a pre-emptive stam to health, hit the ele with 2 VWs and pop another stam to health. If you can dodge his rays and hit your VWs, you'll come out even or slightly ahead. If he uses AOE when you're that close, it'll be a crapshoot depending on who took more damage.


Get an advantage early. Pop both buffs, find higher ground, and land VWs while mitigating his insane AOE nukes. Duck into cover and heal up if you need to. When you feel that you have a slight edge, push into the same sweet spot as explained above with the skirmisher. Stay close enough to the ele that he feels uncomfortable using his big nukes, and stat him out. His stats should run out around the time he's at 40~50% health, and then get really aggressive and in his face until he dies.



Fight them like you would fight a warrior, but you don't need to worry too much about dodging their VWs, since you can exchange VWs 1:1 and most likely win. You'll do more damage and stat better. It can still get tricky, so don't underestimate STR primalists. If you can beat warriors though, you can definitely beat STR primalists.

Just remember to stat well, since STR primalists can stat much better than warriors.


Outplay them. It's a mirror match-up, what did you expect?

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