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Return to Britannia for Free!


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Return to Britannia for Free!

Visit old friends,
Slay new enemies,
Discover Ultima Online™ all over again!

From November 17th (2AM PST) to November 29th (11:59PM PST), all former players in good standing will be able to log-in and play Ultima Online using their closed accounts.

Here’s how to return to Britannia:

Re-install Ultima Online™, using your game disc, a friend’s disc or downloading it from HERE**.
Start the game and log-in with your name and password at any time between November 17th (2AM PST) and November 29th(11:59PM PST).
In most cases you’ll find your characters and property waiting for you. (We can’t guarantee all your in-game possessions will still be available, but in most cases they will be.)[signature][hline]Bestiae sumus, ut non bestiae simus...
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