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Client Patch 4.0.0.l


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"single click" secenegi iyi. Ozellikle bizim gibi uzaktan baglananlar ya da dial-up'lar icin. Ama megerse ne alismisiz mouse-over olayina ! :) Single click sectim, her seferinde (ki eskiden hep boyle idi) click etmek baydi. Kotu alismisiz guzel seylere :)

Client Patch 4.0.0l May 14 2003 9:59AM CST (GMT -06:00)
We are releasing a client patch today, Wednesday, May 14, at 10:30am CST (3:30pm UTC/GMT), which contains the following changes:

Item Properties
(2D and 3D) Clients will not automatically download nearby item property data while walking or running, allowing the player to not be slowed by extra network traffic when travelling.
(2D and 3D) Clients will not collect item properties for items that are not visible or cease to exist.
(2D and 3D) The clients will make fewer simultaneous item property requests to reduce average bandwidth use at a given time.
Non-cached item properties may take a moment before being received by the game client. This phenomenon should not generally be noticeable, but may be apparent at places with a lot of items lying around (vendor malls, banks, etc.).
(2D and 3D) When in single click mode, the client will not fetch item properties for objects on the ground until you click on them.
People with poor connectivity should try using single click mode to reduce bandwidth use.
This may also may reduce latency when in combat.
(2D and 3D) More efficient storage of item properties data on client.
(2D) A shut-down crash related to the item properties interface has been fixed.
House Customization
(2D and 3D) Gold and other items that would sometimes draw below floors of customized houses should no longer do so.
(2D and 3D) Short walls on the first floor of customizable houses should no longer vanish when you walk under floor tiles of the second floor.
(2D and 3D) Interior stairs should now draw completely when placing them (where they have been drawing only the bottom two rows).
(2D and 3D) Some doors that were so tall they blocked movement on the floor above them have been shortened.
(2D) The “sitting on a beetle” client crasher has been fixed.
(3D) A problem with some 3D clients drawing grass over cave entrances has been fixed.
(2D) Items that weren’t properly drawing as female versions when being dragged over the paperdoll will now correctly do so.
(2D and 3D) A fix for objects getting stuck in the “drag slot” when running arm/disarm macros added. Arm/Disarm macro commands will be ignored when an object is being dragged. Note that other commands in a macro with an “Arm/Disarm” command will still execute normally.
(2D and 3D) Fixed a crash when receiving too little data for a house design from the game server.
(2D and 3D) Spellbooks have been adjusted to reflect new casting costs of some spells.
Some spellbook entries will be incorrect until the server publish, “Publish 18,” goes live.
The current description of the “Curse” spell will be inaccurate after “Publish 18” goes live, as it does not reflect upcoming functionality changes.
(2D and 3D) Support added for some new wearables.
Note that only AoS 3D clients will see the new art for these wearables when worn. Other clients will see “placeholders.”
(2D and 3D) Some ambient light level code has been tweaked to make lighting more reliable. More fixes and adjustments are likely to come later.[hline]Ride to live, Live to ride...
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Technical Support
Please visit http://eatech.custhelp.com for help with installation, patching, lag, connectivity, client errors, sound problems, display problems, and game performance issues with Ultima Online.

(866) 543-5435
24 hours, 7 days a week

The patch server address is compassion.owo.com

Once you have successfully installed Ultima Online, the next step is to patch. This process transfers all of the updates that have been released over to your client. This is an automatic feature that is initiated when you run the game from the Windows Start menu (Start-Programs-Ultima Online). You can also run "uopatch.exe" located in the UO directory on your hard drive, but this will not launch the game, it will only attach your client to the patch server to receive any updates.

Downloading the patches can take a while and the speed and quality of your Internet connection play a significant role. As long as the progress bars are advancing and an error message hasn't appeared, it should be fine.

"Connecting to patch server
Could not connect to patch server
Could not connect to a patch server
Make sure you have an active connection to the Internet via an ISP or a direct connection.
Trying alternate versioninfo file...
Could not read versioninfo file
Your client may not be the most recent version.
You may be able to play the game with your current client.
Click OK to play the game or Cancel to abort"

To fix this patching issue you will need to edit the verinfo file that is contained in the Ultima Online directory. To do this, click on your Windows start button, then "find", "files or folders." Once the verinfo file has been found, you'll right click on the file and select "open with." In this case, you'll choose the Notepad program. Once the file has been opened within Notepad, you'll see a line with the following number string, 207 239 134 110 8888. You'll need to delete this line and replace it with the following number.

12 161 70 25 8888

Once this new number has been added, close the file and save it when you are prompted. Once this has been accomplished, you should be able to logon and patch fine.

"Could not connect to patch server, make sure you have an active connection to the Internet"
If you receive this error you should make sure that you are connected to the Internet before launching the game. If you are connected, then try running a web browser or other application that uses TCP/IP. Also, make sure that you have a 32-bit Internet connection, if you don't know, ask your ISP.

Firewall or Proxy
You may also receive the above message if you connect to the Internet from behind a firewall or proxy server. We currently do not support access to the Ultima Online servers from behind either of these configurations.

If you are using AOL and are having problems connecting, check the AOL version. From the AOL toolbar select "Help", then "About AOL". Check that the version is "AOL 3.0 for Window95" or "AOL 4.0". You WILL NOT be able to connect using "AOL 3.0 for Windows".

Network Card
The "Could not connect to patch server" error can also occur if you are on a LAN (local area network) and/or have a network card installed along with the modem. If this is the case, remove the TCP/IP bindings from the network card, Start>Settings>Control Panel>Network. Locate the listing for your network card (on the "Configuration" tab), double-click on it then select the "Bindings" tab. Remove the TCP/IP check mark (do NOT remove any bindings from the dial-up adapter).

If none of the above apply, you simplay may not have a stable Internet connection. Check the Connectivity-Lag section to learn how to determine the state of your connection.

"Your client may not be the most recent version..."
This error occurs when the patch function does not complete. The patch must complete or the game will not work properly. There are 2 possible messages the program will give in addition to the above error. To view the error, scroll up the message box or check the "patchlog.txt" file (the latest messages are stored at the bottom of this file).

ERROR 1: "Error reading file block from socket"
This is a generic "file transfer failed" error. The patcher includes crash recovery, so you should be able to just restart the process and it will begin where it left off. Restart as many times as necessary until the function completes.

ERROR 2: "Error applying patch"
Make sure there is enough free space on the target drive (at least 200MB), that the drive has been scandisked recently, and is not an external device such as a ZIP or JAZ drive, etc. You must also ensure that the PC is virus free, the Win32 CIH Spacefiller virus will cause the patch to malfunction, see below.

If the PC is virus free and you have enough space, your connection to the patch server may be suspect, run a trace and adjust your modem settings.
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