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Gracia - Part 2

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§ 17 Eki 2008, 13:43
Welcome to the Gracia - Part 2 Public Test Server!

The patch notes below will help you navigate through the new features implemented in this latest update. Please report any bugs you encounter on the PTS via the in-game petition client. You will not get a reply, but any bugs submitted by this means will be recorded and investigated by our QA department. Reply in this thread if you notice any mistakes in the patch notes, or simply wish to discuss them.

All characters created on the PTS will start at level 40 with 100 million adena and SP. There will be a 2nd boost on Thursday 10/23/08. We will post more on this in the coming days. The following rates will be applied throughout the duration of the PTS.

PTS Rates
Experience is set to times four (x4).
Drop rates are set to times six (x6). This includes spoiling.
Quest rewards are set to times ten (x10).
Clan Reputation Points are set to times ten (x10).
Penalty for leaving a clan is set to one minute.
There will be no Death Penalty applied on the PTS.
And, as always, the cats will be on hand to see to your other needs.

Gracia – Part 2 will be hitting live servers on Tuesday 10/28/08.

And just in time for Halloween, you may want to visit this thread to find out how you can make the launch of Gracia – Part 2 even better.

Thanks for joining us on this latest adventure!

Hunting Grounds

Kamaloka - Labyrinth of the Abyss
1. The instant zone hunting ground "Kamaloka - Labyrinth of the Abyss" has been added.
2. To enter Kamaloka - Labyrinth of the Abyss, you must meet the following requirements:

Entry NPC = Guard Captain

Group = 2-9 member party

Type of Instance = Breathrough Type Raid Boss Battle

Duration of Instant Zone = 45 Minutes

Entry Restriction = Each PC can only enter once per day

Instant Zone Reset = Zone resets after 5 minutes if no PC’s are inside

3. Entry NPC locations and required levels for Kamaloka – Labyrinth of the Abyss:

Gludio / Captain Bathis (levels 24-34)

Dion / Captain Lucas (levels 34-44)

Heine / Captain Gosta (levels 44-54)

Oren / Captain Mouen (levels 54-64)

Schuttgart / Captain Vishotsky (levels 64-74)

Rune / Captain Mathias (levels 73-85)

1. The instant zone hunting ground "Pailaka" has been added.
2. Only characters who are in the process of a Pailaka-related quest and who meet the entry level requirements for the corresponding instant zone can enter.

|| Classification || Level || Required Quest || Time Limit ||

|| Pailaka – Forgotten Temple|| 36-42 || Pailaka – Song of Ice and Fire||60 mins. ||
|| Pailaka – Devil’s Isle|| 61-67 || Pailaka – Devil’s Legacy|| 90 mins. ||
|| Pailaka – Varka Silenos|| 73-77 || Pailaka – Injured Dragon|| 90 mins. ||

Kratei’s Cube
1. The competition-type PvP hunting ground "Kratei's Cube" has been added.
2. You can teleport to the entrance of Kratei's Cube through the NPC Paddies on Fantasy Isle.
3. Characters level 70 and above can register individually through the Kratei's Cube Entrance Manager.
4. There are 3 Kratei's Cube arenas set up by level range. Each arena can hold a maximum of 25 characters at a time. The level ranges are as follows:

Level 70-75

Level 76-79

Level 80+

5. Characters who are chaotic, in possession of a cursed sword or currently in a party may not participate.

Kratei’s Cube Rules
1. A Kratei's Cube match begins every 30 minutes from the top of the hour, and lasts for 20 minutes.
2. Once you have requested entry into Kratei's Cube (through the Entrance Manager), you will be moved into a waiting room 3 minutes before the match begins.
3. You can receive Kill Points through PvP and PvE inside Kratei's Cube. Even if a character is killed, there is no death penalty.
4. A character who is killed during a match is moved to the waiting room and can re-enter through the Kratei's Cube Match Manager.
5. Registration ends 3 minutes before each match.

1. At the end of a Kratei's Cube match, you will receive Experience, SP and Fantasy Isle coins.
2. The exact amount of your reward depends on the match results, the number of participants, individual ranking and cumulative result values.
3. You are ineligible to receive any reward if you score less than 10 Kill Points.
4. Fantasy Isle coins can be exchanged for various items through NPC Paddies of Fantasy Isle.

Leaving During a Match
You will be removed from the registration list and/or will be ineligible for any rewards for the following reasons:
1. If you request to participate in a match, enter the waiting room, and then cancel the match through the Kratei's Cube Match Manager and leave.
2. If you use a Scroll of Escape for a village, castle, hideout or fortress during a match.
3. If you die during a match and do not return through the Entrance Manager (meaning that you do not complete the match).

New Quests

Pailaka – Song of Ice and Fire

Level 36-42

One-time quest

You must infiltrate "Pailaka - Forgotten Temple," find the cracks in the Sprite energy that are developing inside the temple, and repair them.

Starting city: Gludin

Contact NPC: Inspector Adler

Pailaka – Devil’s Legacy

Level 61-67

One-time quest

You must infiltrate "Pailaka - Devil's Isle" and defeat the dark power that has engulfed the island.

Starting city: Giran

Contact NPC: Devil's Isle Survivor

Pailaka – Injured Dragon

Level 73-77

One-time quest

You must infiltrate "Pailaka - Varka Silenos," find the Soul of Fire trapped in darkness inside the barracks and free it to return to the world of fire.

Starting city: Goddard

Contact NPC: Ketra Orc Shaman


When armor is over-enchanted to +4 or higher, each item will give the character a bonus to HP.

Item Enchant Window

The interface for Item Enchantment has been made more intuitive.


A new instant item, "Vitality Replenishing Herb," has been added.

It gives you a 5 minute boost to your Vitality Level while hunting. During this 5 minutes, you gain the normal experience for killing a monster (regardless of your current Vitality level). However, also gain points in Vitality, allowing you to increase your Vitality level.

Vitality no longer decreases while hunting monsters for characters below level 9 who have the "Lucky" skill.

Mini-Game Addition

A simple and enjoyable mini-game has been added.

It can be accessed using the "/minigame" command or by clicking the "Mini-Game" icon in the Action Window.

The game requires you to create an icon chain of 3 in a row, either horizontally or vertically.

Changes to Existing Skills

Once the "Invincible" skill effect is applied, it cannot be re-applied for a certain amount of time. Related skills include: Celestial Shield, Flames of Invincibility, Sonic Barrier, Force Barrier, Servitor Barrier, Sublime Self-Sacrifice

The bug concerning HP/MP not being fully restored when a character is revived through the "Salvation" skill has been fixed.

Other Changes

An "Adventurers' Guide" NPC has been added to Hunters Village.

An "Underground Coliseum Helper" NPC has been added to the Underground Coliseum.

A bot reporting button has been added to the Actions window.

The Personal Teleport icon has been added to the Action Window under "Basic Actions." This button is not functional yet. But once it is, we will give you more information regarding its use.

Miscellaneous Fixes

The weight of common items has been reduced by 2/3.

The name of the "Double Cutter" skill, which can be used with the Demonic Sword Zariche, has been changed to: Power Slash - Inflicts a powerful slashing attack with the cursed sword.

The bug affecting the "Morning Star" item appearing twice in the shop sales list has been fixed.

The bug preventing changing a sealed Foundation or Masterwork Majestic Circlet Robe item into heavy armor has been fixed.

The bug preventing some dualswords from being normally refined has been fixed.

The bug concerning the Wolf Summoning Bracelet's total magic power not displaying properly has been fixed.

The bug concerning some Dynasty Armor shoulder decorations not equipping properly has been fixed.

While an item is being enchanted, it can no longer be dropped.

The incorrect effect explanations for some Dynasty armor sets have been fixed.

The following effects of the Dynasty Platinum - Force Master set item have been changed: Existing: Str +1, Dex +1, Con -2 / New: Str +2, Con -2

Demon's Gloves and Boots are now sold by vendor NPC’s.

The bug concerning ‘Chance’ augments triggering when an incorrect skill type is used has been fixed.

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