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Bu haftaki fotoğraflar mükemmel!


Öne çıkan mesajlar

Geçen hafta vasat dolaylarında dolaşan bi tane fotoğrafı koymayı uygun görmüştüm. Bu sefer bi sürü var, hepsini ağzım açık incelemedim desem yeridir!

Sparkling personality

Nicholas was standing in front of my husband Tony, who was tracing the outline of his body with lit sprkler.

Camera set to the maximum time (16 seconds), with the highest aperture (f-11) and the lowest ISO (100).

This was not the best challnege for me. I would have kept trying for better shot, but I run out of spaklers. This photo was just for the fun of it.

Feb. 2, 2004: Well, what do you know. I have guessed wrong. I thought this would not do well. It was certainly fun for the whole Pascal bunch :-))

Camera: Olympus C-4000Z
Location: living room
Date: 2004-01-25
Aperture: f-11
ISO: 100
Shutter: 16 sec.



Simple shot. White board and a paint brush. Light trails from a mag-lite, with a custom aluminium foil 'snood' and some hand shaping of the beam. Just waved the flashlight around until I got the effect I wanted.

Shot with a 100mm macro lens, aperture set after a couple of trials to give good depth of field while enough light over the exposure time. Camera on a tripod and triggered using the timer.

Minimal corrections done - small amount of spoting to remove some dust and hot pixels. Bit of selective gaussian blur applied to tidy up the trails. Levels, curves and saturation adjusted marginally, mainly to boost contrast and tidy up the shadows.

Exposure/ levels/ white balance all as shot.

Camera: Canon EOS-D60
Location: Bathroom floor
Date: 2004-01-20
Aperture: f/13
ISO: 100
Shutter: 30 seconds

Gelio daha..[signature][hline]Semi-Dr. Quinthalus @ primum non nocere
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Technical Jargin:
I used a handheld flashlight with a blue plastic bottle taped to the end. I used black electrical tape so no light would seep out through the ends. The I just held the flashlight against my body and moved it upwards. I kept the shutter open for 5 seconds, just long enough for me to hold really still. I took over 300 shots between last night and tonight until I got the one I was most happy with.

I resized, cropped and did one click of dust removal in PS. I didn't mess with curves or levels because, I really liked the "spiritual" look that came right from the camera.

Camera: Sony DSC-S85
Location: Pa
Date: 2004-01-25

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Bu iki fotoğrafta tabelalara dikkat :) Geç farkettim ben biraz. Kompozisyon çok güzel olmuş.


Camera: Canon EOS-10D
Location: .
Date: 2004-01-18


Cloudy Corners

Camera: Nikon D1X
Location: California
Date: 2004-01-17
Aperture: F 8.5
ISO: 125
Shutter: 1/320

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