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Offence or Defense?


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gorunuse gore oyunda light jedilarin force lari defense üzerine kurulu area effect heal oalyi felam var, dark jedi larda ise lightning kd felam ustune drain stealth felam...
defense bakimindan light daha cazip geldi bana acikcasi

Light Jedi

"A Jedi uses the force for knowledge, and defense, NEVER to attack." -Yoda-

Light Jedi should be the Masters of Defense, and their force skills should reflect this.
Give Light Jedi an effectiveness multiplier to all healing skills, so they can heal themselves better. For powers that cannot be made more effective, such as Total Heal Self, and the heal states skills, give them a cost reduction instead. Also, give them a force cost penalty for using offensive skills, such as Lightning, Choke, Weaken, and Intimidate.
At Light Jedi Apprentice, grant a /crystalforage ability, that can only be used once per day. Allow this to improve on % chance of finding a crystal, and likely quality of that crystal, as the Jedi Advances. Give crystals found through this ability a significantly lower Force Cost Modifier, than crystals looted, or crafted by Dark Jedi.
Modified Power: Jedi Mind Trick - Jedi try to avoid conflict wherever possible, and this should be their main tool for doing so. Keep its current functionality when used on pets, but add the following effect: when used on any player, it renders that player unable to attack the Jedi for 30 seconds. Can only be used on one player at a time, with a cooldown of a couple of minutes. Also will not work on any player who is a Master of at least one Elite Profession (Mind Tricks only work on the weak-minded). In other words, Novice BH (i.e. Greedo) can be Mind Tricked, but a Master BH (i.e. Jango Fett) cannot.
New Power: Force Absorb - When activated, provides a chance to absorb incoming force power attacks, from Player Dark Jedi, and from NPC's such as Nighsisters. 20-30% chance at Apprentice, 40-50% chance at Knight, 60-70% chance at Master.
New Power: Force Area Heals - Add these in the healing tree of Guardian. One for each pool, heals all same faction members/group members within a 20m radius of the Jedi. Add a Heal Area All skill to the Master Box. These would be for damage only, not wounds. Total Heal Other would remain Single Target only.
New Power: Force Focus - A Jedi should be able to calm their mind in the middle of battle, concentrating all their efforts on their own defense. This skill, when active, should make the Jedi much harder to hit, damage, and knock off balance. Apprentice: +5 Lightsaber Block, +10 Melee/Ranged Defense, 20% reduction to all damage inflicted, +15 All State Defenses Knight: +10 Lightsaber Block, +20 Melee/Ranged Defense, 35% reduction to all damage inflicted, +30 All State Defenses. Master: +15 Lightsaber Block, +30 Melee/Ranged Defense, 50% reduction to all damage inflicted, +45 All State Defenses. (Keep in mind these numbers would assume that some level of natural defenses/damage mitigation are given to Jedi, and these would be a BOOST to those levels. Otherwise, the numbers would need to be higher for this to be an effective skill).

Dark Jedi

"Use your aggressive feelings! Let the hate flow through you!!" -The Emperor-

Dark Jedi should be the Masters of Offense, and their skills should reflect this.
Give Dark Jedi an effectiveness multiplier to all offensive skills, so they can deal out more damage. For powers that cannot be made more effective, such as Intimidate, give a cost reduction instead. Also, give them a force cost penalty for using healing skills, such as Battle Fatigue, Wound Heals, and Damage Heals.
At Dark Jedi Apprentice, grant a schematic for a Red Force Crystal. Make the damage and speed statistics on it superior to regular Force Crystals, but make the materials needed reasonably difficult to obtain. Grant an improved Red Force Crystal schematic at Dark Jedi Knight. Grant a Red Twin Force Crystal Schematic at Dark Jedi Guardian. Grant an Ultimate Red Crystal Schematic, and a more powerful Red Twin Crystal Schematic, at Dark Jedi Master.
Modified Power: Force Lightning - Add a Knockdown Effect to Lightning Single2, and Lightning Cone 2. (Luke sure seemed to get knocked down by it).
New Power: Force Drain - Steals the Target's HAM, using it to recharge the user's HAM. Should be Granted in the Knight Box, with a few Power Bonuses on the way to Master.
New Power: Force Stealth - "The Dark Side Clouds Everything" - well it sure should. If Palpatine can cloud himself from the entire Jedi Order, including Yoda, a Dark Jedi in this game should be able to cloud himself from one person following him. This could work in several ways, depending on what is possible, and easiest to code. #1 - hide the Dark Jedi's dot from the radar #2 - Make his radar dot a different color to fool anyone that would be looking. For instance, make his name and dot purple to the player looking at it, even though that Dark Jedi might be TEFed
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05:50 de kafa kalmamis lol
neyse bu adamin yazdiklarian gore light iyi ozaman
oyundakilerin ozelliklerini biri yazabilirmi mumkunse ozaman?[signature][hline]Sne v'Knox,
Mastered: Marksman, medic, Ch, commando, Teras Kasi Artist, Merchant...
Still Prog: Entertainer & Fencer
Next: dunno

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zaten genel sw oyunlşarinda hep boyle :)

ama su daha once tartisildi soe forumlarinda ona bi yanit bulabilirm;
stealth olayi na cozum olara oyuncunun avatrarinin radardan kaybolmasi yada radardan gozukmemesi onerisi ranger ler icin yapildi..en azindan conceal a bi islev olsun diye devler de cevap verdi ki boyle birsey mumkum degilmis (kodlama nin verdigi bi sinirlama nedeni ile radarda gozukmeyen oyuncunun avatari da gozukmuomusmus vsvs)

ama insalla biraz kasarlar benzeri fikirleri adapte edebilirler eglenceli olur :p

onun disinda aman derim force choke ve drain cok fena carpiyo adami :)[signature][hline]*curiosity res-kills*

[Bu mesaj hilikus tarafından 01 February 2004 17:07 tarihinde değiştirilmiştir]
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