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Aşağıdaki yazıyı türkçeye çevirecek veya kısaca özetleyebilecek arkadaşlara şimdiden teşekkür ederim.

This, apparently, from reading the comment section, is different than the last time I knew what it did. It is in the opposite order from the ADVANCE section, and the values are different as well.
1. Successes to gain skill at 0.0
2. Successes to gain skill at 50.0
3. Successes to gain skill at 100.0
All other values are calculated (probably linearly, for you math people, because it's fastest) between these numbers. It doesn't really matter what the success rate is at a specific value. Just remember, lower numbers means it will be easier, higher numbers means it will be harder.

With 100% skill, your stats can go up a maximum of 10. Which stats? That's determined by the following lines.

These are percentages, as best I can tell. That means that 20% of those 10 points goes to dexterity and 80% goes to intelligence. Of course, it all depends on the amount of skill you have and it's really quite cryptic. I'm not even sure if these values must add up to 100 or not.

The max in each skill you can gain by using this skill. If you have 76 intelligence, using alchemy will do nothing to increase your intelligence further. As you can see, it has almost no effect on strength, unless you happen to have less than 5, which is really impossible.
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