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We've got a LOT of advanced npc quests out there. The common complaints are A) They are bugged (most of them aren't and we are fixing the others as we find them, though they often have to wait for the big publish) and B) the rewards aren't good enough (which we also have been addressing).

I'll state this very clearly: It is a design objective to keep crafter integral to the game economy. We do not want to put crafters out of business by making dropped loot better than the best crafted items. Overall SWG is not an Uber-Loot game (like EQ or DAoC) and we don't intend to make it so.

That said, it is a common request for us to make better loot and we do aim to please. Every publish has seen an improvement on loot table and rewards, but we know there is more we can do without upsetting the crafters.

So here is your chance to give us some focused feedback.

What reward would motivate you to do a long, hard quest or dungeon?

Kevin "Q-3PO" O'Hara
SWG Community Relations Manager

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