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Arena Modu ve Player Created WF'ler Geliyor
Gönderen Kisi:: Khiran

Özet: Daglar MMORPG'nin Twitch röportajında konuşmuş. 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 ve 5v5 takımlar halinde arena modu geliyormuş. Bir de dimension misali yeni warfrontlar oluşturabilecekmişiz.

Şimdilik resmi duyuru yok ama tam PvP boşluğuna düşmüşken çok iyi oldu bu haber benim için. grinning smiley



I wanted to wait to post this in hopes that Daglar might take to the forums an announce it in a more official form because it sucks to get people’s hopes up just to crush them later. That being said, it’s just too cool to not get out there for the people who may not know about it.

About a week ago MMORPG.Com did a review with Daglar (Bill Fisher) on the future of F2P. I’ll link the source below so you can watch the whole thing – but I wanted to pull out one interesting tidbit of information.

During the interview it was brought up that Daglar had an exciting meeting in which they internally discussed the idea about allowing users to create their own Player Vs Player Dimensions. This would, in essence, give the people who want Arenas their own ability to build their own Arenas. In addition, the way Daglar worded it was “build your own Warfront”. From what little information is given from the video, it seems as though they’re going to create special PvP specific dimension items such as spawn points, objectives, etc that you can place however you want. In addition you’ll have the normal control you always have in your dimension so you’ll be able to create LoS points, build things up and tear them out and move things around as often as you please.

Player created Warfronts (and in essence Arenas) could be a great thing to provide dynamic content for PvPers and could allow for a much more competitive environment in terms of creating 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, etc teams.

Keep in mind, this isn’t anywhere even close to being “officially announced”. It’s only being looked at internally to see if the amount of work required warrants the possible reward. Daglar seemed very excited about the idea, and from what I gather the whole meeting was pumped up about it – and by the sounds of how Trion pushes out content, they tend to gravitate towards the things that most excite them – so there may be a good chance on this one.

Overall, the interview was pretty good – Daglar touched on some other things like exactly how successful F2P has turned out for them, but as a warning – the video quality is horrible so you may just want to listen and not bother watching it.

Check out the full interview on MMORPG’s Twitch channel.

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