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Mortal Online Release
Gönderen Kisi:: jonq

Mortal Online Released June 9th 2010


Dear Community, fans, friends and business partners,

we are very proud to announce that Mortal Online launched at 16:00 GMT+2 today, June 9th 2010.
It has been a rough ride for both you, our loyal fans, as well as the team here at Star Vault.
We have come a long way from the first days of Block A and "Lake Sausage", the time of imba-spears and chars with maxed out skills and now, finally the point we are at today, with all promised features implemented, the beatutiful and dangerous world of Nave.
Without your great support this would have never been possible and everybody here at Star Vault is proud to be a part of this great community.
The ride isn't over yet - there are still a few milestones ahead in the next months. As all of you know the game is not as polished as we wanted it to be but we will continue - with you vital support - to make this an awsome game.

Hadi iyi eğlenceler smiling smiley

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