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Bu mesaji sikayet etmek istediginizden emin misiniz?

Bu mesaji neden rapor ettiginizle ilgili bir açiklama girebilirsiniz. Bu islem yöneticilerin mesajin neden sikayet edildigini anlamasini yardimci olacaktir.

aion ücretsiz oluyor -.-
Gönderen Kisi:: pcguru

Aion EU Service Transition


NCsoft will be transferring control of our Aion service in Europe to Gameforge in February 2012. In order to continue playing your European accounts after the transition, you must provide your consent allowing NCsoft to transfer your account information including other pertinent information to Gameforge. For more information about Gameforge, please visit www.aionfreetoplay.com. Please take a moment to read the Frequently Asked Questions, Gameforge Terms and Conditions, and Gameforge Privacy Statement.

If you want to provide consent for this transfer, please go to your NCsoft Master Account and follow the provided instructions.


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