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İlk Shadowlands Questi...
Gönderen Kisi:: SadButcher

Yaptığım doğru birşey değilde paylaşımın hastasıyım tabi.
Lost Chapter forumlarında bize ilk olarak yapmamız gerekn questten bahsedilmiş aynen buraya atıyorum.

Mariner's Father Quest

1) Get to Jobe Harbor, and seek out Professor Dredlock, who is near the IPS Nano vendors.

2) Start up a conversation with him about the book, and he'll tell you some background information.

3) He instructs you to find 4 Chapters of the Mariner's Father quest, which are near an old temple in Nascense Wilds. Mobs such as Baran-Or or the look-alike bosses drop the Chapters. It took me a while (30 minutes) to complete this on my Nanotechnician on beta, so don't expect a quickie.

4) With all four chapters in your inventory, pick up the chapters and Shift+click them with the next chapter to put them together. After you've combined all four, you'll get the full book.

5) Run/Terminate back to Jobe Harbor, and select the choice saying you've found the book, and trade it to him. Depending on your profession, you'll get a cool item that'll help you at some point in your 200+ SL levels.
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