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new ultima online ?
Gönderen Kisi:: nordlydian

''The grandfather of MMORPGs, Ultima Online, may have a sequel in the works. Since its release in 1997, Ultima Online has seen the cancellation of two announced sequels, but it’s been seven years since this sleeping giant has stirred.

Originally developed by Origin Systems in 1980, the Ultima series has seen a dozen sequels and spin-offs over the years and was acquired by Electronic Arts in 1992. Recent happenings at EA have sparked rumors of a new Ultima MMO.

Here’s what we know:

We know there’s a secret project.

Paul Barnett, creative director of Bioware – Mythic, part of Electronic Arts, has written a few cryptic tweets that reference one or more secret projects. He reveals the inclusion of NPCs and conversations trees–features generally associated with RPGs.

We know that EA has recently enforced copyright laws for Ultima IV.

EA has put a stop to the free digital distribution of Ultima IV, a game first released in 1985, and has issued cease-and-desist orders to popular fan-made remakes.

We know EA is working on a new MMO.

Based on a recent job posting, we know that EA is looking for experts to work on a huge MMO project they have tremendous faith in.

We are currently looking for MMO expertise for an unannounced game at our Electronic Arts headquarters location in Redwood City, CA.

What we have in store is a challenge for you? It will be huge. It will be monumental and the technical challenges from the size, volume, and touch points will be awesome. You’ll love it and be eager to get to work each day.

Can you connect the dots?''

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