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SWG Night Wing (5x Pre-Cu Server Jedi Enabled)
Gönderen Kisi:: maxrep

Arkadaşlar merhaba,
Ocak başından beri arkadaşlarla burdayız. Hydianway den daha stabil. GM lar ve officer lar ilgileniyor. Oynanabilir durumda.Eski SWG havasını tenefüs etmek isterseniz gelin derim.

İlgilenenlere linkini veriyorum.SWG Night Wing

Combat XP x5
Crafting XP x10
Group Xp Multiplier x1.2

- Jedi Enabled Pre-Cu Unlock
- Pod Racers ,Barc speeders,Imp/Reb barc
- Enhanced Jet Packs
- Global /invite self, For group Invites anywhere in the game
- Faction Pets at_at,death watch ghost,nightsister elder,droideka,super battle droid,acklay
- 1,000,000 resource stacks, 50,000k resource deeds
- /grouploot Choose what your groups loot style should be
- Animation upon join groups and leaving
- Self Unlock /check jedi System with mini boss quest
- /claim 0 Day vet rewards you will gain more rewards every 10-30 days
- Yellow,Exception,Legendary Drops
- Holocrons Regain full force can be used every 1 hour upon use Custom Animation
- Meditation Shrine Shows Visibility when meditating, Allows for Robe swaps, Joining FRS is allowed on the shrine once you have 235 skill points spent 15 remaining, /kneel to join (Imperial Required) "Sith Order" Or (Rebel Required) "Jedi Order". When unlocking Jedi /kneel at a shrine meditate you will see a global message to all players that you have unlocked a messaged from Lord Vader Himself. If you join Sith Or Or Jedi Order You also will see a global broadcast to all players with your name join or leaving the order.
- FRS is Enabled all the way to Council Leader.
- 33 Iconic Named Crystals Added to loot
- Bazaar Terminal increased to 2500 items per player for sale from 20
- City/player city Shuttles Never Leave. Travel is always available anywhere in the game 24/7 no wait times for ticket travel


Wookiee Armor, Stormtrooper Armor, RIS Armor and Padded Armor may not be colored via radial
New Armor: Katarn Armor (Imperial/Neutral/Overt), Assault Trooper (Imperial) and Scout Trooper (Imperial)

Roll/Pitch/Yaw is now available. Use /rotate yaw/pitch/roll X to rotate as you please
New Houses: Bespin House, AT-AT House, Generics, Mustafarian Bunker, Sith/Jedi Houses Relaxation Pool, Emperor's Spire, Rebel Spire and many many more!
Housing Storage increased


New Cloaks: Cloak of Hate, Shatter point Cloak and Exar Kun Cultist Robe
FRS Fixes / Checks
Glowy Checks Upon Login
Force Shrines Added New Music When Unlocking , Joining FRS , Leaving FRS
FRS Novice Dark Rank and Above Set Overt 24/7 Unless They Leave The FRS
FRS Novice Light Rank and Above Set Overt 24/7 Unless They Leave The FRS
Neutral Jedi Will Not Bet Set Overt Or TEF They May Not Join The FRS Unless They Are Declared Rebel/Imperial
Rebel An Imperial Jedi Will NOT be TEF'ed or Forced Overt UNLESS They Join the Force Ranking System
FRS Players Gain XP From Killing The Opposite Forced Ranked Members . Skills Will be Auto Learned Once you have killed a opposite Force Ranked Member They Will Also Lose XP upon Death. If They Loose Enough XP They Will Be Forced/Auto Surrender their current FRS Box. To Gain The box that was surrendered you will have to kill a opposite Force Ranked Member and Gain The Required XP
Added FRS Skills To Every FRS Box Light/Dark
Jedi Knight - Force Meditate (0 Skill Point Coast)
Jedi Guardian - Force Absorb 2 || Force Feedback 2 || Force Shield 2 (0 Skill Point Coast)
Jedi Master - Regain Consciousness (0 Skill Point Coast)
Rank member - Force Run 1 || Force Speed 1 (0 Skill Point Coast)
1st Rank Enforcer I - Force Absorb 1 (0 Skill Point Coast)
2nd Rank Enforcer II - Force Feedback 1 (0 Skill Point Coast)
3rd Rank Enforcer III - Force Armor1 (0 Skill Point Coast)
4th Rank Enforcer IV - Force Shield 1 (0 Skill Point Coast)
5th Rank Templar I - Channel Force || Drain Force || Force Run 2 (0 Skill Point Coast)
6th Rank Templar II - Force Feedback 2 || Force Resist Bleeding (0 Skill Point Coast)
7th Rank Templar III - Force Speed 2 || Transfer Force (0 Skill Point Coast)
8th Rank Oppressor I - Force Resist Bleeding || Force Resist Disease || Force Resist Poison (0 Skill Point Coast)
9th Rank Oppressor II - Force Absorb 2 || Force Feedback 2 || Force Shield 2 (0 Skill Point Coast)
The Council -Force Armor 2 || Force Resist States (0 Skill Point Coast)
Council Leader - Force Run 3 Regain Consciousness (0 Skill Point Coast)
Visibility Effect Notification If you Cause any visibility to yourself as a Jedi you will see electricity flow through your character. This is a Visual Warning That you are Gaining Visibility To Yourself. Enough visibility will put you on the bounty boards to be hunted .
Alternative Cloning Available for Jedi Players to Clone on any planet anywhere upon death to a Force Shrine You will see a few shrines located under your cloner locations.This will avoid Clone Camping for the Perma Overt Jedi Who are actively Overt In The FRS.

Player v.s. Player

When death blowing a member of the opposing faction, A Faction rebel/imperial holoemote will appear above your head. You will receive One(1) Holocron and Two (2) Attachments.

Player v.s. Environment

New Bunker: -X Hideout- on Lok!

Galaxy Wide Vendors

Location /way -2720 2260 Tatooine Mos Espa (NPC Crazy Larry) Draft Schematic NGE Housing Vendor (Alternative Way To Gain These Items Other Then Hunting . They Are Still In The Loot Tables To Gain As Well) Minimum Pricing 1,000,000
Location /way -5198 -6575 Tatooine Wayfar In Back Of Cantina (NPC John Connor) Rare Items Vendor For Appearance Items (Goggles Nightsister Gear Cybernetics)


Group Max Increased from 20 to 50
Night Wing Loading Screen Shows All Updates Hot fix's and Patch notes
Buffs Persist Even After Death Meaning your Buffs Stay on your character Even When you clone or Die so you get the Full Length Of your buffs
Global Broadcast To all players when a New player has Joined the Server
Global Broadcast To all Players when you Have Died Or cloned " Slaughtered"
Global Broadcast For The Galactic Civil War When you have Been Death Blowed By the Opposite Faction " Player" Has been Killed by a "Rebel Or "Imperial" Broadcast When cloning as well after Death To log Any Exploiters Who try to exploit the Faction War Death Blow Loots
Death blowing a Opposite Faction Member who is OVERT will Gain you (1) 20-25 Tape (1)20-25 Armor Attachment (1)Sith Or Light Holocron Depending on the Faction You kill.
Prevented Exploit system in Place For anyone Trying to Exploit the Faction War Loot so you Cant kill your alts and farm These Rewards without 1 Everyone on the entire server seeing the Broadcast 2 The cpp File we have that logs all Rewards Given Out due to Faction Loot System .
Prevented JEDI Ban fro anyone who exploits the Jedi system not accordingly to the /Glowing system. Anyone who exploits the system It checks for Screen play state and "GLOWING" once Someone has Exploited the system it will ban you for 10 Minutes and When you log back in you will be Reset back to no glowing with State of "0"
Extra Checks in for JEDI exploiters So all Jedi who have unlocked the Fair way Are not Effect by this Ban Exploit system for the Jedi who try to Hack/Cheat/Exploit
Extra Checks for Godmode Session Id's and or Hackers who try to hack.
Character Logging upon Character Creation for Admin Reference.
Yaw Pitch Roll For housing Is enabled Ask a Admin they can move any structure up Right Left Down Up for perfect Alignment for your city .
Pack Up And GO Feature Added. Request to a Admin that you want your house MOVED ANYWHERE !!! All items are moved as well Safely This option is only Available If you request it in advanced to a ADMIN. All items would be safe and can be transported to any location with your House !

Bounty Hunting

Players can now place a bounty on any target that kills them as long as they have 25,000 credits cash/bank
Player Bounty will be broadcast Galaxy wide once placed on your target for all players / Bounty Hunters to see.
25,000 is the min /max cap for player bounty's. Jedi bounty's will still be the Top Pick.

Additional SERVER PATCHED 2/10/2016

Jedi healing reset back to EMU default settings (2-4 second delay depending on the heal)
All force powers have been reverted to SWGemu defaults
/Assist command is now functioning (SWGemu team)
Feign death is now functioning (SWGemu team)
Removed crosshair animation when performing actions that gain visibility for jedi
Characters will persist in the world even after logging out. Make sure you log out in a safe location on overt characters!
Server Announcement / Broadcast When Logging In Has Been Removed
Group Max Size Increased From 50 Players To 100 Players
Over 300 CU/NGE weapons have been added to loot tables of various new NPCs (see further details below)
Increased the strength of lootable crafting components (krayt tissues, acklay bones, etc.)
Many new lootable jedi robes and cloaks
The droprate on CAs and AAs has been increased and it is now possible for more NPCs to drop them.
New NPCs, Creatures, and Locations:
Many new NPCs and Creatures from Mustafar and Kashyyk have been added
All mustafarian creatures can be found on Talus at the bioresearch facility PoI, missions for them will be coming soon
New bosses with new and unique loot
Sher Kar, found on the top of the volcano on Lok.
Durge has been revamped, along with having much more valuable loot.
Tremor Foot, the Mustafarian Tulrus has been added to the bioresearch facility on Talus
Sheldon, Lord of the Tortons, a MASSIVE torton with over 1 million HAM, has also been added outside the biogenetics research facility on Talus. He has very valuable loot!
A group of dark jedi and their leader, all with unique loot, from Dromund Kaas have taken over a certain force-related PoI
The planet Dromund Kaas has been enabled. Right now, a sith temple dungeon is available on the planet, with much more being added in the coming days.
For details on the bug fixes and other changes pulled from the SWGemu, please visit [review.swgemu.com]

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