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dragon of the apocalypse... a free, lifetime dark and light™ account
Gönderen Kisi:: elesso

years go by, and little changed: dragoon appears to be unstoppable. for each dragon that died, dozens of our own people perished. a few among us lost faith and decided to seal an alliance with the enemy, either hoping to be spared or to grab a few crumbs of power.

we thought the horror was at its peak. today we've learned that the unutterable is not even a limit. in his quest for perfection, dragoon crossbred different species and has created a new kind of dragon - more terrifying, more destructive than ever. the eggs are about to hatch soon; and within the slums of al-drifa, all are talking in whispered voices about these « dragons of apocalypse ».

we have to set aside the differences between us to oppose this new threat. we have to find these eggs. our best researchers, spell casters and alchemists are already gathering to analyze the magic used to create them, in order to ultimately turn this new weapon against dragoon himself!

stay alert, follow any lead, remain focused for opportunity: other news are arriving about the beast's actions and its hideouts, thus allowing us to find these eggs.

a free, lifetime dark and light™ account*!

those who find these eggs will definitely be able to brag about their contributions towards saving the world of ganareth... they will be awarded a free, lifetime dark and light™ account! the hunt begins on the 23rd of february 2006.

izirgandar, your dedicated gnome, will give you a few clues which, we hope, will help you to find these eggs before they hatch. www.darkandlight.net/dragonsapocalypse.php

*winners must own a valid activation key, and will enjoy a free access to the game during the life of the game dark and light.

ben bunu buraya paste ettim,ama pek bişey anlamadım. bilgisi olanlar varsa ayrıntıya girerlerse iyi olur.

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