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Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide
Gönderen Kisi:: Norak

yeni duyuruldu,


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According to a Finnish gaming magazine its a: "multiplayer Skaven slaughter in Left 4 Dead style".

Game is actually four player co-op FPS game.

Game is based in Ubersreik city, which during the End Times was conquered by skaven. Four humans of Empire come to the city and have to liberate the city from skaven by doing missions.

According to team, their goal is to make the game as merciless and challenging as possible.

Team chose Skaven because they rely a lot on numbers and they are not orcs, which has been seen too many times already in other games.

Playable characters however are not copies from each other. There will be five characters to choose form. They revealed two, one being witch hunter which hates skavens because of rat stole his eye. He has pistols and daggers and is special on 1v1 fighting.

Other one is fire mage, who is said to be pyromaniac insane old woman. She is powerful, but if she keeps on doing spells all the time, she will heat up and could burst into flames and kill herself.

As said before, this is co-op game that has missions. In one tavern you hear tips and new missions that you can do with your pals. Here you can also see your achievements and other stuff while waiting for other players.

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