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Destiny (Bungie'den yeni MMO-FPS)
Gönderen Kisi:: Gangren

Açılmadığına şaşırdım doğrusu.

Xbox 360 + PS3 + Next-gen konsollar için Bungie'den yeni MMOFPS.
Halo ile bağlantısı yok.

Reddit'ten Özet
Apparently the story is "Lord of the Rings-esque" in that from Destiny 1-4, there will be a large overarching story, but in each individual game, there will be plenty of minor stories.

You can have your own customizable ship, but no confirmation on space combat with other players.

There will be a competitive multiplayer suite, but it's opt-in, so you can't get sucker-punched while you're on a quest or anything like that.

Weapon and character customization. Unique, named weapons that "do cool stuff."

You can hang out, socialize, watch the sun set at the main city under the Traveler (social hub)

Will always require an internet connection, may not require Xbox Live Gold

"Destiny will find you wherever you are." Game will push you notifications on your phone, computer, etc. Smartphone app is not just a "dumb little app" that's limited to looking at your character. Can somehow assist your friends who are in game from your phone. iPhone 5 support for iOS app.

Character stats: Agility, shields, discipline, energy

Classes: Titan (tank), Hunter (sniper, stealth, rogue), Warlock (mage, DPS)

Armor is fully customizable

Different developer teams for different areas (i.e. Mars team, Earth team)

"Invisible matchmaking"

No word on micro-transactions yet

[www.polygon.com] Burası preview ve durumu iyi özetlemiş.

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