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PC Gaming #2
Gönderen Kisi:: axedice

Eski pc gaming konusu 132 sayfa olmuş, burda devam edelim.

RPG Codex fena olmayan bi 2012'ye bakış yazısı postlamış. RPGler ekseninden gitse de genel olarak gaming sıkıntılarına değinen iyi bi yazı. Püskevitin streamlined fpsler eleştirisiyle başlayıp kickstarter ve 2012nin fiyaskoları ass effect / gayablo 3 ile devam ediyor.


You can guarantee that if a game is ever too difficult, someone will cry about it until an easier version comes out.

The same problem exists with RPGs. Once massive, sprawling worlds that required a bit of planning and thought to navigate are now filled with compasses that point you right to the next part of the quest and "fast travel", so that you don't even have to bother walking there. Just click on the map and you'll pop right over. Complicated skill choices and multiple combat skills are "stream-lined", dumbed-down to single skills that are easier to level up. And you don't even have to worry about the enemies you encounter.

Where-as once upon a time, walking into a strong area too early - before your character had a chance to level up sufficiently - would result in almost guarnateed death at the hands of superior enemies, enemies now level-scale right back down to your level. You never need be afraid of encounters any more because whatever level you're at, it's been guaranteed to be beatable for you!


The success of Double Fine saw the potential for an industry reborn. Old games (like the adventure game market Double Fine were aimed at) with their old fans and niche market couldn't get funding in the modern era. Fans clamoured for these games on forums but the true size and financial possibility of that market was not understood. Or at least, it was a lot smaller and harder to make games for than simply stuffing another Call of Duty remake out the door and cashing the profits. And perhaps the publishers themselves, being inbred dimwits, only really understood games where lots of stuff exploded.

KickStarter changed all of that. By bypassing the publishers and sourcing funds directly from the market, suddenly a whole new world of funding opened up.

And it was huge.

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