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Bu mesaji sikayet etmek istediginizden emin misiniz?

Bu mesaji neden rapor ettiginizle ilgili bir açiklama girebilirsiniz. Bu islem yöneticilerin mesajin neden sikayet edildigini anlamasini yardimci olacaktir.

Soru çözebilecek birisi ? (makro ekonomi)
Gönderen Kisi:: khalad

1-In the country of Eco202 the velocity of money is constant. Real GDP grows by 5% per year, the money stock grows by 14% per year, and the nominal interest rate is 11%. What is the real interest rate? (hint: read quantity theory of Money and fisher effect)
2-Let the following equations characterize an economy: (note the addition of a tax rate on output)
Y = C + I + G
Y = 200
C = 23 + 0.8(Y – T)
I = 50 – 9r
G = 60
T = 40 + 0.1Y Determine the equilibrium interest rate.

3- U.S. adult population by group, June 2012
Number employed = 146.1 million (A)
Number unemployed = 6.9 million (cool smiley
Total population= 301.3 million(C)
16 years-old or younger population = 69.6 million(D)

Use the above data to calculate
 the labor force
 the number of people not in the labor force
 the labor force participation rate
 the unemployment rate

4-) Based on the following data, calculate GDP. Show and discuss your calculation.
(billion of $)

Export 1301,6
Services consumption 5155,1
Nonresidential fixed investment 1330,6
Consumption spending 8746,2
Import 2028,6
Residential fixed investment 755,8
Government purchases 2363,4
Transfer payments made by the government 1446,9
Inventory investment 16,6

5- In 2015, Jimmy purchased 75 Snickers bars costing $2 each and 100 Nestle bars costing $1 each. In 2016, he purchased 120 Snickers bars for $1.50 each and 90 Nestle bars for $1.75 each.
a. Calculate Jimmy's nominal spending on candy bars in each year. Does nominal spending increase or decrease?

b. Using 2015 as the base year, determine Jimmy's real spending on candy bars in each year. Does real spending increase or decrease?

6- Describe the effect of the following change on the unemployment rate and wages:
“ an increase in the minimum wage.”

7- A hurricane has just wiped out several shipbuilding companies in a small open-economy country. These companies were the primary exporters for the country. Assume that the country had been at full employment. In addition, the country has a flexible exchange rate.
If the government does nothing to respond to this crisis, what will happen to output, the trade balance, and the exchange rate in the short run?

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