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ID § 30 Sep 2011, 22:45    [ Alintila ] [ Özel Mesaj ] [ Albüm ]

Soldat'ın yeni sürümünü Paticik forumlarında da duyurmak istiyorum ki eski oyunculara ulaşabileyim smiling smiley Yeni sürüm çıkmayalı 2 yıl kadar oldu.

Öncelikle şunu söyleyeyim, oyunun developer takımı tamamen baştan aşağı değişti. EnEsCe gitti. Shoozza, Fryer, Ramirez ve dahası geldi.

Yeni developerlar oyuna sürpriz yenilikler eklemek yerine, yıllardan beri oyunda bulunan hata ve sorunları düzeltmekle uğraştılar ve çok istenen birkaç yeniliğide eklediler.

Oynamanız için 2 adet Türk serverı aktif bulunuyor.
Diğer Türk serverları nedense hala 1.5.0 sürümünde, geçirirler yakında.

Modu: Capture the Flag
IP: server.soldat-tr.com
Port: 23073

Modu: Death Match
IP: server.soldat-tr.com
Port: 23074

Bir tarih ve saat belirleyip oyunda buluşabiliriz smiling smiley

1.6.0'daki değişikliklerin tam listesi:

Spoiler Göster
- Added new AntiCheat API
- Added support for up to 8 mouse buttons
- Added support for widescreen resolutions
- Added support for setting custom resolution in the config
- Added OldScoreBoard option in soldat.ini which can be used to render the scoreboard like it was before 1.6
- Added text to the change key buttons' hints to show the currently assigned key
- Added second weapon choose with ctrl+1, ... , ctrl+4
- Added weapon gets automatically selected when there's only one available weapon in the category
- Added tab toggles next respawn weapons menu show state when not dead
- Added tab hides weapons menu when weapons are chosen
- Added speedhack detection
- Added a check for loaded third party DLLs
- Added widescreen resolutions to config for unregged users
- Added teamspeak support to clientserver
- Added anti-anti votekick support to clienteserver
- Added /votekick command to server
- Added custom update popup
- Added developer credits to Exit tab
- Added Scale_Interface option in soldat.ini which allows to scale interface with resolution
- Added Option to Force Background Colors in maps to one defined by the player
- Added Option to enable/disable FPSLimit as well as option to enable/disable high resolution timers
- Added missing translations in gui
- Added 3 new CTF maps: Campeche, Triumph, Scorpion
- Added 4 new HTF maps: Feast, Dorothy, Mossy, Tower
- Added 6 new INF maps: April, Belltower, Changeling, Motheaten, Warlock, Flute
- Added Fuzzy Hashed HardwareIDs
- Added ability to paste IPtongue sticking out smileyort/Pass formatted strings into the IP field of the Join Game tab. soldat:// URL's are also supported
- Added 9 new Polygon types: Only (Team Colour) collide Polygons, and Only (Team Colour) + Enemy Team Bullets collide Polygons. Carrying a flag will disallow the player passing through any of these Polygon types
- Added Polygon type: Exploding Polygon. Touching an Exploding Polygon will instantly blow up the player and throw their limbs around like confetti
- Added Polygon type: Hurt Flaggers. Touching this kind of Polygon while holding a flag will periodically do damage (double 'hurt' poly damage)
- Added Polygon type: Only flaggers collide. Anyone carrying a flag will be unable to pass through this type of Polygon
- Added Polygon type: Bounce polygon (polygon normal magnitude determines bounciness)
- Added 'End of round...' text will display to Spectators in Survival Mode. Appears above 'Following <Player>' text
- Added Score Board (F1) will now display the current Server Name at the top left corner
- Added Score Board (F1) will now display the "Server Info" message under the server name
- Added Option to disable rendering of background scenery for improving performance on low end systems
- Added FPS Limiter
- Added top right label color changes on inactive/active window - like it was in good old Soldat
- Added option for minimum respawn time for team based games
- Added bots now have a unique icon appear in place of their ping in the scoreboard
- Added ingame Weapon Statistics for Registered players (Press F2)
- Added "Offline/LAN Mode" for playing Soldat multiplayer with no connection to the Internet. To join a server in Offline/LAN mode, the server must have "Connection=LAN" set in its soldat.ini, or started with the -lan parameter
- Added "Spectators can only use Team Chat in Survival Mode while a round is active" can be enabled with AntiSpy_Chat=1 in soldat.ini
- Added Join_Password line in soldat.ini

- Modified can't send empty chat messages, can send chat messages only containing spaces
- Modified the link to the forums to point to [forums.soldat.pl]
- Modified changed default window fonts in Config to Arial
- Modified changed fontsize of checkboxes to be more readable
- Modified RayCast to use line intersection tests instead of checking several points on the line
- Modified removed bot seeing quality options from Config.exe (no longer needed)
- Modified weapons menu can now be disabled when alive
- Modified removed Raycasting_quality setting from soldat.ini
- Modified improved readme
- Modified updated translations
- Modified enabled minimap for non-registered users
- Modified ESC menu is now centered in the screen always
- Modified ingame keys - ALT + F1 is now hide player names, F2 is weapon stats, F3 is minimap on/off and ALT + F3 is FPS
- Modified replaced many of default maps with remakes: Veoto, ctf_Kampf, ctf_Lanubya, ctf_Maya2, ctf_Ruins, ctf_Run, ctf_Snakebite, ctf_Viet, inf_Argy, inf_Fortress, inf_Outpost
- Modified renamed maps: ctf_Maya2 as ctf_Mayapan, ctf_Death2 as ctf_Death, ctf_Dropdown2 as ctf_Dropdown, ctf_MFM2 as ctf_MFM
- Modified changing mouse sensitivy ingame now increases/decreases by 1% per button press rather than 5%
- Modified players can no longer grab the flag when a round of Survival has already ended. You can still capture or return
- Modified Spectators can only use Team Chat in Survival Mode while a round is active. Only applies to Spectator team
- Modified Dead/Spectator players in Realistic mode can only see enemies the player they are following can see
- Modifier players can not see enemy team chat in Realistic mode if the enemy player is not visible
- Modified Team Bink is now reduced by 50% when Friendly Fire is disabled. You will get no Team Bink at all if you are not moving
- Modified Score Board (F1) has been redesigned for team-based game modes
- Modified Score Board (F1) can now be scrolled up/down (only if required) by using the Page Up/Down keys. An arrow will appear on the right-center side of the board if scrolling is available
- Modified Score Board (F1) is now sorted by caps/kills/deaths
- Modified Weapons Menu will now only display non-default values (on Mouse Over) if joining a Weapon Mod server
- Modified complete rewrite of start.exe
- Modified profile box menuitem selection is visible on startup and tabchange
- Modified window tabmenu look is the same like in old Soldat 1.3.1
- Modified Config.exe has a Soldat gui theme
- Modified did some small Soldat.exe gui changes
- Modified calculations of checksums for weaponmod/maps
- Modified inactive tabtextcolor to be easier to read
- Modified pressing escape while typing will now clear chat buffer
- Modified Auto Updater will pause Soldat while updating
- Modified dead/spectator players in Realistic mode can not use freecam.
- Modified dead players can not spectate other dead players in Realistic+Survival
- Modified Setup, Config, and Soldat executables to use higher quality icons with alpha transparency
- Modified Big Text message (DrawText) on-screen limit is now 3 instead of 1 (Script devs: See Script Core changelog)
- Modified improved Jungle

- Fixed mouse buttons getting "stuck"
- Fixed "is not a valid integer" error when starting Soldat
- Fixed empty or very short (1 character) taunts not working
- Fixed a bug making it possible to get the flag instantly after switching teams
- Fixed bouncing issues with layered polygons
- Fixed flag being throwable through thin polygons
- Fixed Remote Admin could join server with 32 players
- Fixed player doesn't get SERVER_FULL server message when server is full (e.g. 32 bots)
- Fixed mouse is not visible until clicking when player was kicked out of the game
- Fixed adminlog exploit
- Fixed labels overlap in vote box when using languages with longer text
- Fixed saved Game Password doesn't get put into the Game Password input field on startup
- Fixed wrong message when mousewheel is used for toggling weapons menu show state
- Fixed mouse is not affected by in game events while escape menu is open
- Fixed issues with sending unicode text
- Fixed minigun and chainsaw being able to shoot while reloading
- Fixed intentional warp bug (wasting jets and jumping left/right)
- Fixed switching between reloading weapons being faster than switching between fully loaded weapons
- Fixed canceling file download not working
- Fixed client not automatically downloading files and rejoining server
- Fixed nondedi servers 'register with lobby' code
- Fixed access violation while registering to lobbyserver
- Fixed server removes player/bot with slot 32 on mapchange and players can't join then
- Fixed index out of bounds error in profiles list when pressing pagedown key
- Fixed main window hiding after ok is clicked on splash window in windows vista
- Fixed message box appearing after assigning the space key to an action
- Fixed Config opening up between the screens in a dual monitor setup
- Fixed controls sometimes being freed after they are read (causing jets to act differently while playing online)
- Fixed broken unicode input ingame
- Fixed Soldat window is not centered when using 640x480 with 2 screens
- Fixed the context menu in the nag screen window opens with an offset
- Fixed able to see enemy team players behind player when spectating while dead in realistic mode
- Fixed vote player and vote map in ESC menu cannot be clicked when Playerlist window is visible
- Fixed Weaponmenu is not visible when Playerlist window is visible
- Fixed clientserver decreases bullets too fast for certain weapons
- Fixed too small buttons for translation text in control group box in Player tab
- Fixed attempting to download files from server even if they don't exist
- Fixed intended warp bug caused by holding F4 key
- Fixed very slow window restoring (disabled semi helpful cheat detection)
- Fixed access violation on game termination after directx initialization fails
- Fixed tab order in all tabs
- Fixed Soldat not being centered in active desktop
- Fixed missing collision poly on Airpirates
- Fixed various bugs in maps, see maps/changelog.txt for details
- Fixed Vsync to work for windowed mode
- Fixed alt+number taunt chooses weapon when weapons menu is visible
- Fixed alt+number taunt chooses team when team menu is visible
- Fixed tabmenu delay on tabchange
- Fixed flicker on switch to first tab
- Fixed alt + tab changes weaponsmenu visibility when dead
- Fixed Wrong Map Version Errors
- Fixed player names being invisible on F1 list
- Fixed custom maps not downloading Textures or Edges from server
- Fixed Computer Time in F1 menu being frozen
- Fixed lobby frequently stopping while retrieving server list
- Fixed splash screen will now display in the center of primary desktop when using multiple monitors (Instead of middle of both monitors)
- Fixed graphics freeze caused by the Vista/Win7 logon screen (ctrl+alt+del) or UAC
- Fixed Jetpack sparks appearing in Realistic mode when the enemy player is not visible
- Fixed lobby list items 'Yes' & 'No' not reading from translation file
- Fixed Tab ordering in the Join Game menu
- Fixed LAN lobby server scan. Will not work for servers on the same computer
- Fixed online bots flying up into the air when spawning with a Parachute
- Fixed a bunch of corrupt network packets, resulting in them being dropped or doing funky things
- Fixed Change Team menu randomly appearing and other weird things happening for no reason
- Fixed Access Violations and Corrupt Data occuring when recording/playing demo's recorded with Soldat 1.5.0
- Fixed names with a trailing space character resetting to 'Major'
- Fixed Players with Predator being visible to new players that join after they obtained the Bonus
- Fixed Weapon Bink not resetting correctly after reloading weapon and not releasing the Fire button
- Fixed Bot Team frame not appearing when exiting a single player game
- Fixed 'Too many bots' message counting Charlie/Delta Bot Count when Teammatch is not selected
- Fixed background music not stopping when Intro demo has finished playing
- Fixed server timeleft countdown not pausing on map change/restart (via Commands or reaching score limit)
- Fixed Spas12 reloading while firing no longer allows infinite shots
- Fixed Raycasting for bots so that they dont try to walk through a opc and grab a flag grenade etc.
- Fixed buggy head collision with the first polygon on a map
- Fixed scaled window is below taskbar
- Fixed spelling errors in english.txt
- Fixed respawn timer sometimes exceeding the maximum respawn time in team based games
- Fixed empty or missing ini keys destroy your ini settings
- Fixed kickplayer bans when it should kick (when bantime is 0)
- Fixed "Crouch Float" bug
- Fixed InterfaceText/Image custom resolution scaling
- Fixed IP field being selected after exiting a game in fullscreen
- Fixed Survival/Realistic game freezes
- Fixed Registered/Bot icons not working correctly when joining
- Fixed Soldat being unable to run while having ingame dedicated server running
- Fixed massive FPS lag
- Fixed scoreboard will show Charlie/Delta team players in CTF
- Fixed Auto Updater when running in Fullscreen
- Fixed pressing escape with Change Team menu open being annoying
- Fixed CTF tooltip with points error
- Fixed console text overlapping Respawn Timer and other Survival messages
- Fixed WorldText Scale parameter not working
- Fixed Access Violations when using an ItemID higher than 10
- Fixed registration star appearing for bots and players who aren't actually registered
- Fixed registration Star on F1 menu not appearing while using default jet flame colour
- Fixed Soldat Installer will set correct file write permissions under Windows Vista / 7
- Fixed editing a maps background colours and not getting kicked for wrong map version.
- Fixed the Auto Update feature corrupting Soldat.exe when downloading other updated files that already exist
- Fixed blank profiles after clicking 'Add' and cancelling it.
- Fixed Spectators no longer have the "dead" player marker next to their name
- Fixed console chat messages not being transparent while F1 is open
- Fixed players losing control of their sprite when someone joins Spectator team
- Fixed Berserk bonus no longer does 4x damage to self
- Fixed Flame Thrower not being able to drop in multiplayer
- Fixed missing local /say command output on nondedicated server
- Fixed polybugs in ctf_Laos

Server 2.7.0 Değişiklikleri:

Soldat Türkiye: Soldat-TR.com
CoFounder & CTO @ Macellan.net
medal 1k
ID § 12 Oct 2011, 23:08    [ Alintila ] [ Özel Mesaj ] [ Albüm ]
O oyunun hala oynayanı varmı? DeViLeR ile bir ara ortaktınız o ne oldu bu arada devam ediyor mu?
ID § 13 Oct 2011, 01:07    [ Alintila ] [ Özel Mesaj ] [ Albüm ]
Oyunun geliştirici ekibi değişti işte. Yeni ekip geldi.
Devam ediyor bu şekilde.

Deviler artık Soldat ile ilgilenmiyor malesef.
Şuan sunucularımız NTGN.org tarafından sağlanıyor.

Bu arada Soldat 1.6.2 çıktı az önce. 1.6.1'in üstüne quickfix niyetine.

Soldat Türkiye: Soldat-TR.com
CoFounder & CTO @ Macellan.net
Yörünge Disi
ID § 19 Dec 2011, 11:24    [ Alintila ] [ Özel Mesaj ] [ Albüm ]
olm sen yaşıyormusun hala grinning smiley
ID § 20 Dec 2011, 12:57    [ Alintila ] [ Özel Mesaj ] [ Albüm ]
Evette sen ölmüşsünki nickini değiştirmişsin heralde ^^ Tanıyamadım.

Soldat Türkiye: Soldat-TR.com
CoFounder & CTO @ Macellan.net
Yörünge Disi
ID § 13 Jan 2012, 19:17    [ Alintila ] [ Özel Mesaj ] [ Albüm ]
evet smiling smiley Skyberg
medal 1k medal 5k medal 10k
ID § 30 Jan 2012, 03:29    [ Alintila ] [ Özel Mesaj ] [ Albüm ]
adam doctorsolo
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